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The following paper entitled 'Guide for Teamwork' focuses on a major obstacle to working on teams which is groupthink, where individuals lose their ability to think as individuals and conform to the ideas of others at the expense of their good judgment…
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Guide for Teamwork
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Informal work groups if well taken care of in an organization can help in achieving not only the group’s goals but also management objectives. This is because meeting the group’s social needs will provide the necessary security that will motivate them to meet their company targets.
Removing Production Obstacles
Removing production obstacles is one way of getting an informal group, work. This is quite effective as far as I know. I once worked as a supervisor in one of the export processing zone companies, where I came in touch with informal workgroups. A major concern arose, where their leader confronted me with two issues. The first one was poor working conditions such as employees staying in the cooling rooms for more than four hours without a break and with nothing hot to drink. The second was on material shortages, which made them do a lot of overtime without pay. I had to face management on their behalf with the issues at hand. Changes were implemented and employees were released on breaks to have some snacks with tea provided by the employer. In addition, the company increased the number of employees supplying materials to my team and I saw great productivity in the next months I worked in that company. Read More
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(Guide for Teamwork Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 336 Words)
Guide for Teamwork Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 336 Words.
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