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This is because it entails caring for young children at a very tender age whilst at the same time dealing with different kinds of parents and employees. Day care centers…
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Home Day Care Program Management Childcare is one of the most difficult and challenging tasks due to sensitivity of the nature of business. This is because it entails caring for young children at a very tender age whilst at the same time dealing with different kinds of parents and employees. Day care centers provide early child support to busy parents in a home setting with or without assistant employees. Effective program management for day care center is important to ensure smooth running of the business. This is an outlined discussion on how I plan to manage my day care center.
An effective day care program requires proper utilization of available resources. The most important resource is the house in which the day care center will be located. I will reorganize the house such that scarce space available is utilized optimally. This will be done by only using the necessary households for the center and keeping the unnecessary items in store. Other resources such as toys, beds, and furniture will be properly utilized to ensure efficient running of the center.
An effective customer care relation is the key to success in any business. The day care center will be providing services to different parents within the neighborhoods of the center. Quality service can only be guaranteed if proper means of communication between the day care center management and parents is maintained. I will be open to dialogue to the parents at all times to ensure that they are updated on the status and wellbeing of their babies.
The day care center will demand proper record keeping. This will ensure that all events and activities regarding the center are well documented (Various 49). It is important to keep proper health, historical, growth, behavioral patterns and developmental records of all babies to ensure that all babies are handled with specialized care. This is particularly important since some babies may have medical history that requires special attention or handling. In addition payment, attendance, and other relevant documents will be properly recorded and stored for quality service delivery
A day care requires proper planning and organization to ensure that all activities and operations are carried out successfully within their time frames. A concise and detailed plan of the number of babies, their special requirements, time schedules, communication, and other operations will be outlined and followed. This will ensure smooth flow of daily activities from the time the babies are brought to the time they leave for home. This will entail both short and long-term planning and organization. This will make it possible for the center to run efficiently even when additional clients are registered in the future.
Due to the increasing need for high quality services, quality management will be given a top priority. Mechanisms for quality improvement in terms of services and facilities will be enhanced. This will be done through training and experience in the work. In addition, resources will be upgraded according to the rising needs of the babies and parents’ expectations. It will also be necessary to promote good cooperation between parents, assistant daycare attendants, and the manager. When all these strategies are effectively executed, the daycare center will work efficiently and quality service to parents will be guaranteed.
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Various. Child Day Care Management. Global Media, 2007. Print. Read More
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