Most Delighting Qualities of My Son - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The author tells about his/her son Jazz, a boy with exceptional qualities. He is way too ahead of other boys his age. Owing to his friendly attitude, he has a strong and ever-growing social network. What I like the most about his friends is that most of them are elder than him.   …
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Most Delighting Qualities of My Son
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19 December Most delighting qualities of my son My son Jazz is a boy with exceptional qualities. He is way too ahead of other boys his age. Owing to his friendly attitude, he has a strong and ever-growing social network. What I like the most about his friends is that most of them are elder than him. Jazz likes to make friends with people elder than him and with specially the old people, because he thinks that old people are very experienced and intelligent and have a lot that younger people can learn and benefit from. Jazz can get along with people almost any age. At times, even I get stunned to see how my teenager son interacts with a 70 years old person like a friend. Most importantly, he gives the elders all the respect and reverence they deserve which makes the friendship all the more interesting and stronger.
Jazz is too responsible towards his studies to let me take any stress on his behalf. He always does his homework on time without getting me involved into it. It is the very capability as well as the sense of responsibility that makes him stand first in his class. This can fundamentally be attributed to Jazz’s need for achievement. He is just crazy for positive achievements. The best thing about it is that he is too self-motivated to have me push him into any kind of stuff. He has a firm faith in God and believes that his hard work will always be paid. That is why, he is always willing to encounter challenges and do his best. He tries his level best in everything, be it studies or sports and leaves everything else up to God.
Jazz is very good in sports. He is an active participant in all sports in the school. Currently, Jazz is football champion in the school. He was not always that good in it. Few years back, he was an average player and continued to be that until he started reflecting upon his way of playing football. He consulted others for remarks and comments. He would not mind when someone criticized him. He took the criticism with open mind as a challenge with a view to proving the critics wrong with his performance rather than with his arguments. With more practice and struggle, he managed to become the champion of the football team in his school.
One thing that I like the most about Jazz is the fact that he has a very sharp brain. Normally, we don’t expect boys his age to argument with others as sensibly and reasonably as he does. Perhaps, his exceptional oratory skills impress the elders and they like making friends with him. Many people say my boy is as much under the earth as he is above it…kind of funny, but a great compliment obviously! The way he consoled his friend upon the divorce of her parents made me even prouder of my son. His friend was crying like anything for her father had left her mother and her. Jazz told her that this is life and that she must take care of herself as well as her mother. These and many other qualities of my son make me proud of him. Read More
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High School Application Essay Admission/ Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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