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A Quit Smoking Education Program For Parents - Assignment Example

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Nicotine makes quitting smoking or chewing tobacco hard. The paper "A Quit Smoking Education Program For Parents" discusses the importance of the help for the adult population of Bestville to ensure a “Healthy School” as well as prevent negative health consequences of tobacco use…
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A Quit Smoking Education Program For Parents
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"A Quit Smoking Education Program For Parents"

Download file to see previous pages Instead, what works for one may not work for another user, and vice versa. Nonetheless, certain key factors (a ‘best-practice’ process) assist most people to quit: the user should make the decision to quit; set a quit date; prepare on how to react to quitting obstacles; getting support family, friends or even successful quitters; if necessary, get medication; and finally stay quit by finding ways to deal with relapse and sustaining the quit status (Stead et al., 2008).
In order to generate a cost-effective delivery model, and eventually succeed in implementing an improved curriculum, a healthy canteen, a staff exercises group and a school vegetable garden. For an improved curriculum, a number of decisions and planning steps need to be followed when preparing each aspect. The instructors should equip themselves for the challenge, without continuous training ensured to equip them with the necessary skills; both in helping the users opting out of smoking as well as those in need for advice against the practice. Once the course has been developed, assessment instruments should also be generated in form of checklists, objective tests, or rubrics (Jarvis & Wardle, 1999).
However, for the medical attention that might be required by the smokers battling with relapse, the medical staff should ensure availability, sustainability, and continuity. As such, patients can benefit from ‘walk-in’ sessions, appointment and patient-follow-up system, and availability regardless of pharmacist workload.
Jarvis, M, & Wardle, J. (1999). Social patterning of individual health behaviors: the case of cigarette smoking. In Marmot M, Wilkinson R, editors Social determinants of health. Oxford: Oxford University Press. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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