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According to Knowles (2008) learning indentures are arrangements put in place so as adults or a group of people are in a position to learn or grasp concepts in learning situations. Through learning contracts, analysts argue that learners are in a better position to learn through…
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Learning Contract
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Learning Contract al affiliation Learning Contract According to Knowles (2008) learning indentures are arrangements put in place so as adults or a group of people are in a position to learn or grasp concepts in learning situations. Through learning contracts, analysts argue that learners are in a better position to learn through diagnosis of their problems in terms of mastery of subject matter, learn skills of solving their problems or master a particular concept. In short, learning contracts are the blue prints of learning of new as well known concepts. Brockett and Hiemstra (2007) summarize learning contracts as agreements between tutors and learners on teaching and learning of concepts in the classroom. Inclusion of time spans of learning and the methods of assessment enables the tutors meet specific aims and objectives of the teaching and learning.
Learning contracts, according to Knowles (2008) incorporate skills and values ought to be learnt by the students in a specific period of time. Malcolm Knowles model of learning contracts include the approaches that ought to be used by the tutors so as to achieve the set goals and objectives of a lesson. Targets are mandatory in setting up a lesson in order for the learning objectives to be attained. Malcolm’s model indicates that for objectives to be met it is important that target dates are put in place. Time factor enables the tutors and learners work towards a specific goal based not on assumptions but on factual terms designed by time factor. For learning to be proven successful, evidence based on response by learners has to be portrayed by learners. If the evidence brought forward has an element of validity, then learning may be described as successful.
Learning contracts are beneficial in terms of ability to deal with all manners of learners in a classroom setting. Learning contracts also motivate learners to strive to attain their maximum best for the reason that majority are aware of what is expected of them at the end of the learning session. Learning contracts instill a sense of responsibility between the instructor and learners during the learning process.
Learning Contract Form
Surname: _______________Lesson:  ___________Lecturer: _____________
Objectives of the lesson
Resources and strategies to attaining lesson’s objectives
Evidence of internalization of concepts
Proof of learning
 Acquisition of knowledge on history of adult education
 Text books, internet sources, journals and articles
 Compilation of comprehensive reports on my research
 Consult my classmates and overseers for response
 Evaluation of the success of adult education over the years
 Books and journals
 Presentation of findings in class
 Supervision by tutors
 Trends in adult education
 Magazines and articles
Written summary of the research done
 Supervision by tutors and peers
 Policies implemented in higher education
 Internet sources and newspaper
 Class presentations
 Supervision by tutors and peers
Knowles, M. S. (2008). The Modern Practice of Adult Education From Pedagogy to Andragogy. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Cambridge Adult Education.
Brockett, R. G. and Hiemstra, R. (2007). Self-direction in adult learning: Perspectives on theory, research, and practice. New York: Routledge. Read More
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