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Should technology be use in classroom - Research Paper Example

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This paper is about new technology that is used in classrooms for studying. School can not be left behind with this. The world today is growing towards technology; everything in life is becoming very much involved with the technology in the recent world…
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Should technology be use in classroom
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"Should technology be use in classroom"

Download file to see previous pages The paper outlines all pros and cons of using modern technologies at schools. Technology is an alternative to the teacher; in instances when the teacher in not available or there is a shortage of them technology can be used instead of the teacher. Technology in the classrooms will reduce use of chalks that is associated with causing breathing problems caused by chalk dust. This will improve hygiene to the teachers and students and also make work easier. The teacher will not have to write on the board as the writings will be displayed on the screen. The use of internet will help teacher share information and develop the timetables and curriculum ad share among themselves without coming meeting. It is also possible for student to get instructions from the teachers while they are still in the staffroom or when they are far. This is made possible by use of intranet and internet. With technology, it will encourage student to learn more as they have more freedom. They can also learn what they want to learn and at the time they like. This reduces boredom and dependence on the teacher for education. Also, we find that the students can get their teachers work without coming into contact with the teacher. This is made possible by using technology like internet. Technology use does not require use of special classes. Students can learn their subjects from one point without shifting to another area. They only require the presence of a computer that will provide the necessary concepts of the subject. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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