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Plagiarism - Essay Example

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This essay reasons about plagiarism as a fact that not only hurts the individual who is wasting their time and efforts in the endeavor, but also infringes on the intellectual rights of the original individual responsible for the work/data/quotation/etc…
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Extract of sample "Plagiarism"

Hello Kim, I agree with you that the cost of education should be a motivating factor for those who truly want to gain knowledge and work skills for the future. However, plagiarism not only hurts the individual who is wasting their time and efforts in the endeavor, but also infringes on the intellectual rights of the original individual responsible for the work/data/quotation/etc. As students, we are often call upon to deliver papers and assignments which describe and/or explain specific topics of study which incorporate hard fact and reference with individual assessment and explanation. In this way we are necessarily required to build off the prior work of others, if in no other capacity as evidence to support our own views.
However, it is paramount as responsible students that we recognize and separate our own intellectual property and perspectives as they relate to the critical examination and analysis of a subject and those aspects of the text which were directly or indirectly lifted from the work of another. This is a particular issue in academic settings, and at times it can be difficult to achieve, such as when personal opinion is in agreement with a particular text, even when a student does not consciously or overtly engage in plagiarism.
Avoiding plagiarism is the only ethical route. It is simple to do this, as you must simply pay attention and make certain that you give credit to the original author/work. In most cases, divulging the citation source often builds credence rather than hurting the final work. Read More
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(Plagiarism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 4)
Plagiarism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 4.
“Plagiarism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 4”, n.d.
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... crime that violates the rules and ethics of creative writing. Such detection tools are available that can easily detect whether a student has copied something from somewhere or not. As Sumerset states, “with plenty of tools that can spot copied, repurposed or coopted text, attempting to plagiarize other people's material can be an exercise in nothing but getting caught red-handed”. Some colleges and universities even expel such students who commit the act of plagiarism. Such strict standards discourage students from doing any kind of plagiarism in their personal essays and reports. Let us now discuss the ways one may plagiarize in his/her papers, reports, and other documents. How One May Plagiarize Plagiarism is basically of three to four...
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Plagiarism present, either intentional or unintentional, it results to low or poor quality of the paper submitted either by a student or the author irrespective of their rank (Ali et al, 2011). Most students are aware of the consequences arising from actions that constitute plagiarism. For instance, if student copies information that is published into a newspaper and it does not attribute the source for the main purpose of claiming the information is his own, or even the act of turning another student’s constitute plagiarism. Moreover, plagiarism has a negative externalities on students in the form of low grades for students who plagiarize thereby diminishing the education...
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... down by the writers and reproduce it as my own creation. I apologize again for the plagiarized portion of my paper as I did not intentionally indulge in this activity. I am student with different cultural background and English writing is not my forte at the moment. I am having problems in writing assignments because I have problems in paraphrasing texts from books because of my English and for the said reason I copied word for word. In my home country, the teaching and writing practices taught to us are very different. There is no concept of plagiarism therefore we could copy word-for-word without referencing it. Due to different cultural backgrounds I am trying to understand the learning styles of this country and this reputed...
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...Administrators, 2003). Nelson and Stepchyshyn have defined plagiarism as the use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as ones own original work (Stepchyshyn & Nelson, 2007). Plagiarism is not a new concept, passing off others’ writings and ideas as one’s own existed even before the internet came into existence. However, the easy access of a variety of materials has caused an increase in plagiarism and it has now become a great cause for concern for universities and academic institutions across the world. About two decades back, plagiarism did not have severe punishments or consequences. However, in today’s...
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...not appropriately cite the sources used. He or she should have included in-text citation in the passage to avoid plagiarism (Strout & Frame, 2004, p. 171-181). The student should have used direct quotation in writing about doctors whose allegiance is always torn between the drug researchers and trustworthy consumers, leaving the important lot, the patients, unattended. Paraphrasing involves taking someone’s idea and presenting it in your own words. Changing words from the original document is still considered plagiarism even if the author is cited. The paraphrased sentence, on how hard it is to know whether a conflict between researchers, doctors and the drug stakeholders has tainted results should have...
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...1. Word of Mouth: The Ultimate Marketing Strategy 1 Elucidating the Notion of Word of Mouth Word of mouth (WOM) has often been considered to have a significant impact in the field of buyer behaviour and marketing in a general sense (Buttle, 1998; Trusov, Bucklin, & Pauwels, 2009). One prominent definition of WOM communication is that it is oral communication that occurs between one person and another that the person receiving perceives to be as non-commercial (Arndt, 1967). However, this definition is not fully accurate in modern times. One issue with this definition is that it considers WOM communication to only occur when two people are face-to-face and communicating orally (Stokes & Lomax, 2002). Electronic communication has... Word of...
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Plagiarism for another author’s ideas or words, claiming to be the author of some work without doing the work and claiming another author’s artistic or scholarly work as your own (Thompson, 2008). Plagiarism is wrong as it involves stealing another authors ideas which is morally not any better than stealing a car, or something else. It is also wrong because it represents information illiteracy as it shows that someone is not capable of researching and presenting one’s own ideas and thoughts, and this means that someone is not capable of handling their own information, which amounts to effective illiteracy. The Internet has made cheating or plagiarism easier than ever before as there are thousands of relevant...
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...evolved from being just the mere act of copying and pasting texts. In general, there are two basic acts of plagiarism; these are the total plagiarism and the partial plagiarism. Total plagiarism is defined as an act of an individual to copy all the texts of a specific source and considers them his or her own work. This replication of published texts is a fraudulent act, which also encompasses the act of photocopying a material without asking permission from the author or the publisher. Aside from this, a full plagiarism can also occur when an individual copies verbatim a sentence or a phrase, which is composed of three or more words from a source. It...
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... to be punished. Plagiarism, whether intentional or not, is still an offense and neglect does not excuse or exempt a student from committing plagiarism. But the question arises where regular punishment applies to inadvertent plagiarism which resulted from neglect in referencing the original work. It has to be mentioned that the penalty of withholding the bachelor’s degree for one year and a permanent notation on the student’s transcript that he or she committed plagiarism is applicable to those students who willfully, knowingly and intentionally committed plagiarism with the intention to cheat. Ingrid’s case does not fall in this category because plagiarism was committed unwittingly and not with the intention to cheat but rather out...
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Why Students Plagiarize and Consequences of Plagiarism plagiarism, the reason as to why it is so extensive and the probably effects of plagiarism on students and institutions. Introduction According to Anderson (1998), plagiarism can essentially be defined as the act of using another person’s words without undertaking to give the person any of the credit that is due to that person. Plagiarism is seen to have its root set in the traditional Western civilization of concept of property ownership. During the historical period of the Greco-Roman era, it was common to find orators and authors frequently borrowing from one another, however, the discovery of such theft was usually met with a lot of public ridicule and...
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Plagiarism noted, was little more than "a [stationary] aircraft carrier," which he described as "the USS Honduras” (Lafeber 309). Plagiarism? Yes No If yes, what kind of plagiarism? ________yes_________ Patchwork plagiarism Example 2: Original The strike officially began on May 29, and on June 1 the manufacturers met publicly to plan their resistance. Their strategies were carried out on two fronts. They pressured the proprietors into holding out indefinitely by refusing to send new collars and cuffs to any laundry. Also the manufacturers attempted to undermine directly the union’s efforts to weather the strike. They tried to create a negative image of the union through the...
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How Plagiarism Impacts the Universities

... people without proper acknowledgement of the sources. It is from this premise that universities have instituted codes of ethics to promote good academic practices (“Academic Integrity and Ethics”, 2014). Plagiarism compromises the quality of education offered in tertiary institutions and the research conducted by students due to failure to recognise other scholars’ works. The tutors have a mandate to implement the provisions of the policies with utter strictness to ensure the learning processes in their institutions are above board and free of any form of academic malpractice (Ting, Musa, & Mah, 2014, p. 74). However, due to the laxity in the implementation of these codes across all universities the issue continues to thrive because some...
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The Causes of Plagiarism and Strategies to Prevent It in a University Environment

There is another aspect of practicing plagiarism, which has been discussed by Edward M. White. He has seen the problem of plagiarism from a different angle in his “opinion” article in Chronicle of Higher Education, “Student Plagiarism as an Institutional and Social Issue”. He has raised the issue of “Research Assistance” provided by advertisers, “Thousand of papers in stock, available for any course”, pointing to the problem of not only graded students papers going out of the office for resurfacing in future but the immoral practice of taking outside sources help to complete the assignments, which, according to the writer, needs to be fixed. This trend of plagiarism has degraded lear...
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Should a Charge of Plagiarism Ruin Your Life

... who wrote them. There are few simpler ethical notions than this one, particularly as society directs more and more energy and resources toward the creation of intellectual property.” Noticing echoes of another’s work in somebody else’s creation raises cries of theft and unoriginality. The damage can be severe in some unfortunate cases. Gladwell later discusses his involvement in a plagiarism case. The playwright Bryony Lavery made liberal appropriations from an article by Gladwell and the book Guilty by Reason of Insanity by Dorothy Lewis. While Lewis had plans for suing Lavery, Gladwell had a different reaction: “instead of feeling that my words had been taken from me, I felt that they had become part of some grander cause.” Instead...
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Plagiarism - Causes, Effects and Avoidance

... and other people are no longer motivated to come up with their own ideas as it is difficult to recognize the plagiarized part for the readers. This paper aims to define plagiarism and provides examples to give a clear understanding. The paper also aims to explain problems that arise because of it. Definition of plagiarism  It has been observed that unlike other concepts plagiarism lacks a universal definition to incorporate all possible ways that need to be addressed. The definition of plagiarism varies from country to country, region to region and even from one organization to the other. The most common definitions to explain this term state that it is an act to “take and use (the thoughts, writings, inventions etc.) of another person...
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Deterrent Plagiarism an important condition for building an environment of academic integrity and for preventing the involvement of student in plagiarism (Neely, 2009). However, several universities and colleges that have excellent honor code schemes continue to endure a substantial occurrence of academic misconduct. This is due to the fact that students vulnerable to fraudulence will keep on participating in these conducts as long as the governing institutional standards fall short in strongly asserting honesty and denounce delinquency (Carter & Punyanunt, 2007). Further prevention of plagiarism can effectively be realized thru systemic reforms that support an institutional culture of honesty. With that goal in mind,...
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Is Plagiarism Cheating or an Attempt to Understand Writing

...ademic work in every field. Professors complain that students blatantly cheat by handing in papers that have been written through cutting and pasting information from the Internet. Many professors are using programs like Turnitin to stop students from cheating. However, most students coming to college for the first time, have no idea how to write an academic paper in an academic style. They also may not know how to ask questions about it or when they do, they may not receive the answers from the professor that they need. Although most students have a fear of plagiarism, most are not attempting to cheat. Instead, they are attempting to figure out what the professor wants in the way of writing and present a paper that will give them a...
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Plagiarism Statement, Education and Professional Development

...must be your own independent work. No text, code, diagram, or other content (not even a sentence or phrase) should be taken from another source unless this source is referenced. Referenced phrases should be placed in quotes. Each item should be referenced separately. For more information in respect of plagiarism please refer to the University Assessment Regulations at the following web address: Plagiarism Statement I have read and understood the statement above concerning plagiarism. I confirm that the work attached is my own and that I will follow the College and University Regulations in respect of plagiarism or any other examination...
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The Issues of Plagiarism

...Copyright Matthew Walker Western Governors The term copyright refers to the right of any over the copy of his or her work.Copyright laws, which were introduced as early as the 1700s, had been duly followed even by the Kings of that era. However, infringement or copyrights in which due credits are not given to the author concerned have become a seriously debated issue over the past many years especially with the advances in technology. Problems have arisen as more people are claiming their rights to the work done whether it is a painting, writing, product, music or any original work. Considering the need to protect the copyrights of an individual’s work, copyright laws have been framed and implemented in many countries. However... Matthew...
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Plagiarism Laws and Regulations

... positive action), and avoiding attributing the real author who has done the work (one negative action). The mens rea portion may be difficult to understand but it may be different in different situations (Green 2002 pg 173). As per the Honor Code, it may be due to two reasons (usually one of them in each instance of plagiarism), which include the intention to deceive (making others believe that they have done the work although they have not done) or having a reckless disregard (presenting a significant amount of other’s work as one’s own) (WM People 2010). Although the Honor Code does not take into consideration, accidental plagiarism, it can still be a problem as it appears to be plagiarism, ultimately. The mens rea behind accidental...
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