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Essentials for Measuring Training Success - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Essentials for Measuring Training Success,” the author focuses on the training program, which involves a lot of resources that evaluation measures need to be put in practice to achieve perfect results. In this training program, the evaluation criteria were systematically drawn…
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Essentials for Measuring Training Success
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Extract of sample "Essentials for Measuring Training Success"

Download file to see previous pages Our measurements were based on three basic evaluation tools; that is, sensitivity, reliability, and validity. Reliability is the capacity of a measurement system to give a consistent result when applied several times. This is vital in determining whether the measurement method can achieve the required purpose (Donald, 2009). Sensitivity, on the other hand, is the ability of the applied technique to identify changes in the program. Finally, validity is the extent to which a technique measures what it is required. These measurement tools are vital in ensuring that the results needed in the program are accurate and free from deviation (Owen, 2007).
To draw a concise training evaluation program for the Mach Speed, it should be known that our goal was to produce excellent courier service providers in the market. This follows in line with several objectives we drew to achieve better program results. Our first method in the evaluation was collecting data (Astd, 2008).
Using the trainee assessment forms, shown by the sample, the people who carried the evaluation were able to calculate the results using the rubric table shown in the appendix. Each category of the score was evaluated against the marks scored (Marrow, 2010). A percentage score is then drawn for every form on each evaluation element, and then their averages are taken. This could tell the planers where the shortfalls occurred and the best method of tackling the issue to solve the problem, and to attain an efficient training mode. The planner will gauge from these scores whether the training succeeds or failed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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