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Responding to religious diversity in classrooms - Case Study Example

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Religious diversity can spin a well settled classroom out of your hands in a second. Therefore a teacher must be fully prepared and equipped as to how to handle different…
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Responding to religious diversity in classrooms
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"Responding to religious diversity in classrooms"

Download file to see previous pages her customs and norms of different cultures, but one has to be prudent enough to close argumentative statements and believes when the initial signs begin to show. One aim of every class teacher is to make her students a positive and appreciative member of society who can respect and give space to different cultural believes.
Therefore awareness of diversity among children is an acceptable notion .Different sessions for students and parents can be held so to spread the awareness about religious diversity. Workshops for parents of the mainstream culture can also be held so they can train their off springs with the understanding of acceptance. Developing a sense of sensitivity in both parent and children can help in a long run to the road of acceptance.
A teacher needs to study the background and the profile of the child thoroughly and before planning keeping those distinguishing factors in mind, plan an activity. And if somehow the event calls for the same activity trims and change activity for that specific child who can not perform due to his ideas or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Responding to Religious Diversity in Classrooms Case Study.
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