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Living Inside and Outside Prison - Assignment Example

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I have learned that a prisoners life is totally different from his outside life in the sense that all his liberties, right to fraternization, and existence of heterosexual relationships are taken away from them. The acclimatization towards prison life is defined as prisonization…
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Living Inside and Outside Prison
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Extract of sample "Living Inside and Outside Prison"

Living Inside and Outside Prison I have learned that a prisoners life is totally different from his outside life in the sense that all his liberties, right to fraternization, and existence of heterosexual relationships are taken away from them. The acclimatization towards prison life is defined as prisonization and is similar to the term institutionalization in meaning since both processes require the removal of a person from what we deem to be normal surroundings and their need to get used to a new kind of normal life for themselves. The prisonization of a person can cause severe culture shock and forces a person to learn how to survive or become a victim while inside the four walls of prison.
Although there are certain preconceived notions about prisoners and their way of life within the system, the existence of police shows and their realistic prison life story lines have helped me understand what prison life may actually be like and has provided me with a wider perception of who these prisoners are and what it takes to survive on the inside. Our class readings helped to further reinforce that which I already knew and added to my knowledge of the real life situation these prisoners experience.
Survival in a normal society is set upon societal rules drawing from our Bill of Rights. It allows us immense freedom within which to understand others, live our lives, and choose whom we shall mingle with socially and why. These rules do not exist in prison. I believe this is because of a difference in perception. While free people view leaders like the police and other government officials as friends who help keep order and peace within our communities, prison guards and administrative staff are viewed by prisoners as enemies who are out to make their life harder through punishments and deprivation of what little liberties the prisoners enjoy.
And it is because of that very reason that inmates and prison staff are not allowed to form friendships. Since the staff are viewed as the enemies, their lives are in danger each time that they mingle with the prisoners. Prisoners see them as the conveyors of punishment and mistrust. They cannot be trusted by the prisoners because they function by rules which are meant to deprive prisoners of their humanity and individualism. At least that is how I believe the prisoners collectively view the prison authorities. Read More
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Living Inside and Outside Prison Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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