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Scenario - Essay Example

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91–92 of the text then answer the following: How would you resolve this situation? What strategies would you use to incorporate tolerance and sensitivity toward the ethnic values in Ms. Williams’ classroom?
The situation in Ms. Williams’…
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Extract of sample "Scenario"

Read the opening scenario on pp. 91–92 of the text then answer the following: How would you resolve this situation? What strategies would you use to incorporate tolerance and sensitivity toward the ethnic values in Ms. Williams’ classroom?
The situation in Ms. Williams’ classroom is a delicate one, because it not only seeks to solve grievances between racial groups in the class but also gives each side the opportunity to air their grievances. Her teaching method involves the same races that are present in the classroom, and thus causes each group—and individual—to identify with a side. Furthermore, it forces one side to feel oppressed and correct, while the other feels guilt. Bringing up such tension simples show how racism is easy to rekindle and divisive even in its resolutions.
In Ms. Williams’ place, I would present situations in foreign countries that show the devastating results not only of racism, but of counter-racism. More important than simply raising awareness about how racism has subsided nation-wide is to show the damage cause when groups do exactly what the students are doing—coming together as a race to stand against, rather than unite with, another. I would show immediately the most basic case, which is how anti-Semitism developed in Nazi Germany as a result to a pro-white movement. This would illustrate how too much pride in one’s own race can devastate. I would go on to give them harsh realities of genocide. One example is the Armenian genocide committed by Turkey, where European people suffered at the hands of another race. I would also mention that blacks in Africa are not only the oppressed, as they were in 20th Century America, but also have been violently oppressive.
In the end, this would give the students a dose of reality rather than idealism. It would be a warning that conflicts have no victors, and that racism divides can divide into even smaller grudges which can end not only in hurt but in shocking loss of human life. This would be a lesson for all, and it would end with a reminder of why America gives us opportunity to live together—because our fathers and grandfathers managed to come to peace. Read More
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