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English teacher training in Sausi Arabia in light of the challenges of reality and taking into account the requirements of the labor market - Research Proposal Example

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Many Saudis have responded to the needs of reviving school system on the modern footing after the aftermath of 11 September, 2001 (Prokop, 2003, p.77).The insufficiently English trained teacher fails to ensure the achievement of educational objectives in the Kingdom of Saudi…
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English teacher training in Sausi Arabia in light of the challenges of reality and taking into account the requirements of the labor market
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Extract of sample "English teacher training in Sausi Arabia in light of the challenges of reality and taking into account the requirements of the labor market"

Download file to see previous pages This may be caused by some of the reasons such as poor teach training, in-sufficient language learning settings, students’ immoderate attitudes, inappropriate materials or an amalgamation of all of the above mentioned causes (Al-Mohanna, 2008). Additionally, the educational system prevails over the use of the Arabic language, which is widely talked and understood throughout the academic world. Although this do not contribute the problems as much as the other factors, yet the English language finds a very less active response from the teachers involved in teaching English language.
English as Foreign Language (EFL) teachers have found the presence of sufficiently unqualified teachers in the Gulf region (Syed, 2003, p.337) and EFL teacher preparation programs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can be understood as inadequate and nonsystematic (Al-Hazmi, 2003, p.341). Within the last four decades, graduates from the faculties of arts and graduates of college and education affiliated with the Saudi universities have been enabled to provide the services for EFL teachers in the country (Al-Hazmi, 2003, p.341). These teachers are trained and are provided with the bachelor’s degrees and associate’s degrees in the literature and in the English language. Additionally, colleges of education serve the students by educating them in the educational aspects; on the other hand, colleges of arts enable students to become English-Arabic translation specialists or English specialist, which may not be necessarily to enthrone them on the required level of English teachers. Furthermore, both colleges of arts and EFL graduates of colleges of education are required to undergo a 4-year program; in which they are polished by offering courses in English literature, English language skills, applied linguistics, translation and linguistics. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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English Teacher Training in Sausi Arabia in Light of the Challenges of Research Proposal.
“English Teacher Training in Sausi Arabia in Light of the Challenges of Research Proposal”, n.d.
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