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Describe three intervention strategies that may be effective for the chosen disorder. Explain how you would implement the interventions to create a comfortable classroom environment for the child. How would you share the…
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Communicative Disorders
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COMMUNICATIVE DISORDERS Communicative Disorders Word Count: 267 page) Elaborate on teaching children with hearing difficulties. Describe three intervention strategies that may be effective for the chosen disorder. Explain how you would implement the interventions to create a comfortable classroom environment for the child. How would you share the information with parents and support them through the process? Support the claims with evidence from the text.
Everyone is different, and that means that students with hearing dificulties According to Adams and Rohring (2004), “The degree of difficulty experienced in school will depend upon the noise level in classroom, distance from teacher and the configuration of the hearing loss” (pp. 14). Students with a mild hearing loss might either have a hearing aid, or the teacher might be able to speak louder to him or her than to other students. For a child with moderate hearing loss, one might use a louder voice in addition to flash cards or other manipulatables and visuals to assist in the lesson. According to Gargiulo (2010), “Pupils with a hearing loss need visual information to learn. Acting out experience-based language lessons or stories is helpful. Using environmental labels around the classroom can start such children on the road to learning language…” (pp. 426). Additionally, teachers teaching students with severe hearing loss should be well-versed in American Sign Language (ASL). If they are not familiar with sign language, they should start learning it so they can communicate with their students whose hearing is nonexistent or very poor. It’s the teacher’s job to make sure that these interventions wouldn’t interfere with normal classroom routines by making these interventions part of the routine. Parents cannot be left out of the equation, either. According to Otto (2010), parents are a key component in ensuring that a child has all the support he or she needs to succeed (pp. 3). Parents’ concerns must be addressed. Teachers should share any relevant information with the parents and support them in the education of their child.
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