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Oberservance 234 - Essay Example

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The classroom, as well as the child care center it was in, followed Adlerian psychology. The basic idea of Adlerian psychology is to encourage the development of healthy and…
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Oberservance 234
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Extract of sample "Oberservance 234"

I observed in a mixed infant and toddler room containing children ages 2 months to 22 months. The room, as well as the child care center it was in, followed Adlerian psychology. The basic idea of Adlerian psychology is to encourage the development of healthy and cooperative individuals and families.
One technique that I noticed a teacher use in the classroom was sitting on the floor with the infants and toddlers. This allowed her to be on the same level as the infants and toddlers that she was working with. I believe the goal of this method was to show children that she was available for affection/play. This was an effective strategy because many children did come up to the teacher and sit on her lap. Some children even brought books or toys.
Another technique that I saw was giving specific feedback to students who practicing new skills. One older toddler was practicing using a Styrofoam cup in the place of a Sippy cup. The teacher congratulated him on picking his cup up with two hands, but reminded him to drink slower next time. The goal of this method was not only to encourage the child, but to let him know what he was doing right and what he was doing wrong. I believe this was an effective strategy, since the child slowed down and smiled at the teacher.
A teacher also showed admiration for a young toddler that had just started jumping. The child was taking great joy in jumping and the teacher commented "That looks like fun, you sure are getting good at jumping." I believe the goal of this method was to encourage the child to continue to develop his new skill. This was an effective strategy because the child jumped at other movement activities throughout the day.

I also noticed teachers regularly visit children who were playing individually and invite them to join in on activities or to join other children in centers. The teachers especially did this when they noticed children who looked bored or upset in quiet areas. The goal of this method was to encourage children to play with each other, without forcing them to. I believe this was effective because some of the children decided on their own to join other children at different centers.
I saw scaffolding used in the classroom as well. One teacher had been working with a young toddler on his climbing skills. She told me she had worked with him for several weeks on climbing the stairs to the hand washing sink and diapering table. I observed her guide the child to the climbing equipment on the playground when they went outside. Although the child was a little hesitant at first, after the teacher explained to him that it was just like the stairs in their classroom, he attempted to use the climbing equipment and did well for his first time. The goal of the scaffolding was to help the child build the skills that he needed for the playground and it was very effective. Read More
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Oberservance 234 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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