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This essay describes physical education program.Ever since I was a child, I have been drawn towards physical education. My parents, who watched me closely recognized this drive in me and have encouraged me in sport-related activities throughout my life…
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Physical Education Program
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Physical Education Program
Ever since I was a child, I have been drawn towards physical education. I enjoyed physical education class the most during my school years. My parents, who watched me closely recognized this drive in me and have encouraged me in sport related activities throughout my life. They have always taken special care of my training and coaching in all areas of physical education. I believe that physical education is an important part of curriculum and must be taken seriously as a subject. Its basics must be imparted to every child with the same concern as that of any other subject.
I have been a part of many sport related events inside as well as outside school. I have been a leading player of my school’s varsity club of football cross-country and lacrosse. I have interest in all areas of physical education and have had some experience and chance of training in many of these. Apart from school, I belong to a ski club and I also have member ship of a local church’s youth club.
I have been an active member and participant in physical education for the past few years. I feel great pride and a sense of satisfaction in seeing my name appear in the list of honor for three consecutive years; and now also on being the national honor society member. I have worked very hard in this discipline and have attended advanced classes relating physical education. My entire life has been about physical education.
Now I wish to pursue physical education even more seriously as a career and I want to make a difference in young children’s life not only by imparting them the knowledge I have and aim to gain continuously; but also by serving as a role model coach and a source of inspiration for them. I am therefore seeking admission in the physical education program of the university. My goal is to work with high school kids who have not hitherto gotten a chance to familiarize with physical education due to financial, emotional or social reasons. I believe every child deserves a chance to get physical education training like training in all other subjects at school. Read More
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