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My Dreams is An Iconic IT Professional - Admission/Application Essay Example

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 The writer of this essay discusses the explanative study of admission authorities to allocate his research program in information technology with peripheral support and guidance from the front line personnel in his discipline. Endeavoring for a prosperous and esteem career in computer sciences…
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My Dreams is An Iconic IT Professional
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Extract of sample "My Dreams is An Iconic IT Professional"

Address (Drawer) Line-01 Location and Area ….. Addressee Designation Location Dear Dr………….. This draft is presented with my distinguished honor in acquiring admission in …………………………………… I would like to submit this Admission Essay for the explanative study of admission authorities to allocate my research program in information technology with peripheral support and guidance from the front line personnel in my discipline.
Endeavoring for a prosperous and esteem career in computer sciences has been my long cherished dream during my early scholastic days. The spirit of becoming an iconic IT professional was spirited with my hopeful performance during graduation level. I can say, I have reaffirmed my desire to be an expert information technologist ever since I decided to explore this field. A decade-long first hand experience in computer assisted jobs always urged me to find something my own. I affirm that I had real sense of enthusiastic observation of each application with a cause-effect parameter. All the years of my work, I was analyzing the strength in my inner- person to explore the possibilities of information technology with an addicted passion to find a support mechanism to ensure Information Security. I realized that this goal can be achieved only with the perfect training and guidance from the expert team of ………………………….. which can stimulate my growth with target stipulation and time management. To fill in the challenging gap between my real passion and requirements, I am applying for the Ph.D program in Information System (Data Security) at ………………………University.
Let me be humble on disclosing that I have obtained two different Board’s Diploma in Information Technology and Information System. These diplomas helped me find a better positioning may career as a professional in my work area. Having done my Bachelor’s, I had efficiently obtained a Master’s in Information Technology before I attempted for the two successive diplomas. During the years of my career I appeared for different exams and achieved credible Industrial Certification from Oracle, Microsoft, ITIL, and Prince2. All of them are certified with specific distinction such as; Oracle with DBA 11g Certification and Oracle with developer 6i and 10g certification, MCSE certification, MCSA certification and Pricnce2 Certification severally. These certificate courses have been of great effect in my daily access with network management and information security operation in the required fields of my job.
I am presently working as a Computer Engineer with proven track record of distinguished abilities. Routinely designated working style and monotonous job profiles force me to give a break through to my pursuit for a higher level of learning; therefore I decided to explore the extreme end of my subject with a motive to produce my brain child for the benefit of Information Technology. An uninterrupted 11 years of employment as a computer engineer in a reputed organization has gained me financial security and ethical standards as a perfect professional. Now my field of enthusiasm is attaining recognition as a pioneer with untiring spirit to experiment and design new standards for emerging aspirants with a view to own a research laboratory in IT. I am highly motivated with the information of the university and the academic plans for the course. I hope my days of research studies will add all desired effect to my future prospects and stand me identically resourceful.
With all my humble submission, I seek your approval for my candidature as a research fellow in the course of Ph.D in Data Security program.
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