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C&Ks Curriculum and Pedagogy - Essay Example

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An author of the essay "C&K’s Curriculum and Pedagogy" discusses that the curriculum and pedagogy employed by C&K, an early childhood educational institution. Also, this paper examines the relationship of curriculum and the basic principles of pedagogy. …
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"C&Ks Curriculum and Pedagogy"

Download file to see previous pages This is premise within the philosophy that the local community is supportive of the needs inherent in early education. C&K believes that education for children centers on care, fun, safe, and inspiring environment (“Mission,” 2010). And the type of content that C&K uses is on the emphasis of the learning process. The outcomes of this process are the positive gain of relevant knowledge and skills. The value of fun is an elementary approach for children to appreciate knowledge more. C&K’s teaching strategy utilizes the problem-solving approach (“Qualified,” 2010). This approach is embedded in children’s play. The teacher usually listens and observes the children’s ideas, observations, and stories. They do not instruct the children in the traditional way but rather teach them in the child-center educational methodology. Furthermore, C&K has professional consultants that ensure the quality services in the conduct of the early childhood education. C&K’s consultants assess and evaluate children’s progress in knowledge acquisition (“Monitoring,” 2010). C&K is also supported and supervised by the Department of Education, Training and the Arts (DETA). There are three basic principles of pedagogy: (1) learning has to be an active process; (2) the relevance of social interactions among children in school; and (3) the priority of intellectual activity based on actual experiences rather than on language (Golby, Greenwald, & West, 1975). First, education concerns more on the child’s learning less than the teacher’s pedagogy. In the practice of teaching, the teacher provides high importance to the active participation of the child. The learner is permitted to experiment. As a result, the child discovers for himself or herself an aspect of truth. Second, the child is allowed to share and discuss things with his or her fellow learner.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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