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This essay example will summarize and represent an opinion on a particular presentation. The presentation under this consideration was designed to inform parents about a therapeutic play and the play therapy as a successful and useful tool to aid children problems. …
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Reflective Commentary: A Play Therapy Presentation
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Download file to see previous pages The audience consisted of the anxious and concerned parents. The audience was much interested in knowing the healthier and effective outcomes of the play therapy. They were not merely people who could adopt any presented therapy or intervention without prior and complete information about it. They were, hence, very much interested in the presentation and the information being provided by the presenter. Their main concern was to find out the best way to help their children, hence, they were more inclined towards asking questions on the reliability and effectiveness of this therapy. The questions that parents asked and were more interested in were revolving around the practical implications of the therapeutical play. They were not interested in the neuroscience explanations and medical explanations. The reason behind this may be lack of knowledge which cause lack of interest among parents. Their major aim was to see a change in their children’s mental and psychological well being. They, probably, have less interest in knowing how this therapy affects the brain systems and neurological structures. Hence, parents were more motivated to have full grasp over the knowledge related to the outcomes in apparent manner rather than the neurological outcomes.
The presentation started with the statistical evidence of psychological and mental disorders that prevail in children. The devastating trends of these psychological disease and disorders made the parents more motivated to overcome them.
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