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Strategies for Encouraging Reading for Leisure - Research Paper Example

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The author of this paper "Strategies for Encouraging Reading for Leisure" outlines that reading for leisure has been an under-explored activity for many people in varying age and school groups.  With the advent of the computer era, various computer-related activities have replaced the concept of reading…
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Strategies for Encouraging Reading for Leisure
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Extract of sample "Strategies for Encouraging Reading for Leisure"

Download file to see previous pages There are different factors affecting reading for leisure among middle-school-age groups. These factors have to be considered before any plans can be formulated to engage students in reading for leisure. First and foremost, “an individual must possess the necessary reading skills and resources to comprehend the printed word” (University of Queensland, 2009). These basic reading skills will arm the student with knowledge of grammar and vocabulary in order to facilitate comprehension. Mental images can be easily drawn through printed words. The motivation to read will eventually contribute to each student’s engagement in the reading experience. Some students get easily engaged and can easily draw mental images of the things they read; however other students find it hard to imagine and picture images from what they read. They often prefer comic books or reading materials with illustrations where they do not need to imagine the events unfolding (University of Queensland, 2009).
Another factor affecting reading for leisure among middle-school-age groups is the fact that many of these students are already involved in other activities like sports, socialization, and school work. Many of them opine that they do not have to think when they watch television and therefore would rather watch TV rather than read for leisure. However, it is indeed undeniable how reading for leisure has benefitted those who apply it to their lives. They attest that they have gained more knowledge by reading, that they are more informed about the world and about the explanations behind concepts and natural events. Some authors bravely emphasize that with adequate access and motivation, it is possible to engage middle-school age children to read for leisure. 
Reading for leisure or pleasure is an important milestone in a child’s life.  Once this milestone is reached and further developed in the child, it can carry through to his teen and adult years.  Reading for pleasure has no fixed definition, but some authors define it as – reading done of a person’s own will while looking forward to the pleasure and enjoyment it can ultimately bring to a person (Clark & Rumbold, 2006). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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