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The Learning Organization - Essay Example

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This essay declares that the concept of organizational learning has now grown into the far more ambitious goal of a “Learning Organization”. Literature abounds with references to this idealized notion and industry experts have already handed over the responsibly for all future economic progress…
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The Learning Organization
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"The Learning Organization"

Download file to see previous pages From this paper it is clear that the paradigm shift in theory of management that resulted in the introduction of the Learning Organization is the shift of focus from mere “learning” to the “process of learning”. We now have a structured understanding not only of what we learn and how it can be applied but also how it is learned and communicated. As the rest of this paper endeavors to show, organizations also exhibit specific patterns of cognition, communication and evolution – with profound consequences for their economic output and vitality.
This discussion highlights that it is perhaps best to start with an example. That the Japanese automakers have posed a serious threat to their American counterparts is common knowledge. Japanese cars have demonstrated greater efficiency and has generally been welcomed by the American Public. Not surprisingly, Japanese cars have been scrupulously examined by American engineers to decipher the secret of their performance. In one such test, it was found that a particular engine model was assembled with a set of three different bolts in America while the Japanese used only a single bolt standard. Each type of standard required a different type of wrench, complicating the inventory and incrementing the cost. It was found that this was because the American model was designed by three different teams of engineers while the Japanese model was entirely designed by one designer. Interestingly, this seemingly trivial action could have gone completely undetected though each of the three American teams were satisfied with their individual performance. It was not merely the lack of communication that resulted in the above complication. The fundamental breakdown of the American system of production was the lack of an integrated approach to design, production and testing. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Learning Organization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
“The Learning Organization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words”, n.d.
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How are learning and teaching related Then, Elaborate on the business roles in the learning organization
...? Business Roles in Learning Organization Number and Number Number of Words: 250 Business management is subject to change because of external economic factors which could directly affect the way businesses are being managed. In line with this, teaching and learning is strongly correlated in the sense that the quality of teaching significantly affects the ability of employees to learn. To maintain the growth and sustainability of each business organization, it is necessary to increase the existing knowledge and skills of employees through the use of teaching and learning intervention. In general, learning can be acquired...
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The learning organization can never be achieved in reality
...The Learning Organization Can Never Be Achieved in Reality Introduction and Synopsis Management theorists including Smith (2001a) recognize that although there has been considerable debate about learning organizations ever since the emergence of the concept in the early 1990s, it has not been as easy to cite examples of such organizations in real life. Smith (2001a) therefore is of the opinion that the concept of the learning organization may be too idealistic to be translated into reality; similarly, theorists such as Jashapara (1993) have metaphorically equated the struggle to become a learning...
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Implementing The Learning Organization
...Implementing The Learning Organization The Learning Organization The concept of the Learning Organization is an evolution of the Japanese philosophyof quality circles and employee empowerment. As these principles have evolved, so has our work environment. No longer a strictly brick and mortar manufacturing economy, business has become more reliant on the service and information aspects of the enterprise. Reaction time has replaced long term strategic planning and management has been supplemented with leaders at all levels. To be successful, an organization needs to do more than respond to a problem and put the fire out. The Learning Organization is a group that prepares its workers to be ready to anticipate, adapt, and change... as the...
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Book Analysis over Beyond the Learning Organization by Jerry W. Gilley
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Learning from The Learning Organization
...Learning from The Learning Organization In Bob Garrett’s book: The Learning Organization, I found a handful of extremely valuable insights that I have seen elsewhere in books published after this small volume. However, Garrett’s book is cited in relatively few, because his models and insights have been passed down several layers, and few people read the original any more, though it is a textbook for several university business management programs still. While the wisdom contained in this short volume may seem rather simplistic now, it was highly innovative when it was published, when most organizations were still hierarchical monoliths of...
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The Knowledge Worker and the Learning Organization
... THE KNOWLEDGE WORKER AND THE LEARNING ORGANIZATION INTRODUCTION This paper is about the connections between the learning organization, knowledge workers and productivity. In this paper, I examine the writings of Drucker and other scholarly references to make the point that increasing returns from capital invested are possible in the organizations that have a focus on learning and make best use of the knowledge management tools that are available to them. The premise for this assertion is the fact that knowledge leads to better utilization of capital in the form of processes that are both efficient and have “synergies” built into...
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...Organization Behavior and Learning – ORGD Table of Contents 0 Introduction 3 2.0 Empowerment: Key terms, approaches and concepts 3 3.0 Conclusion 7 References 10 1.0 Introduction Over the past years empowerment has become part of everyday management language. It has also been applied in various disciplines and management movements such as Management, human resource management (HRM), Psychology, philosophy, political science etc. it has been applied in concepts like total quality management (TQM), leadership, collegiality etc. Empowerment has been regarded as the solution to bureaucracy which has been attributed to workplace stifling of creativity and alienation of workers by the management. A review of literature shows little... , and...
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Learning Organization
...Learning Organization AFFILIATION: Learning Organization Learning organizations de a representational mix of three essentials of business management i.e. the ability to lead, change management and knowledge acquisition. Defined as an organization which promotes a process whereby employees are encouraged to seek knowledge and contribute to the common objectives of the organization, it allows the company to adjust to the changing external milieu while altering practices that are impeding its progress. An example of such a learning organization is the Zebra Black and...
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Creating a Learning Organization
...Creating a learning organization The role of leadership in creating a learning organization Introduction Leadership is critical in creating learning organizations since it facilitates the creation and articulation of a shared vision and empowerment of the subordinates in order to attain common organizational objectives (Mello, 2014). Leaders who focus on developing knowledge-focused organizational systems and structures will position their organization to attain sustainable competitive edge due to the ability to respond to changes in the market. Learning organizations are characterized by employment engagement and constant innovation that facilitates attainment of shared values and goals. The learning organizations have flatter... ...
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...Leading Learning Organization Introduction The beginning of the 21st century marked drastic changes continue to occur in the global system. These events leveled the global platform for engaging among the varied organizational settings. The factors facilitating this flattening include Netscape going public and emergence of the new world of technologies, making the world a new place (Reason, 2011). Consequently, organizational leadership evolved with the changing global systems, instituting the need to study, comprehend, and develop strategies for managing their organizations. The learning organizations constitute the some of the active participants...
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