Applying to a College Financial Aid for Applied Arts - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The writer of the current essay "Applying to a College Financial Aid for Applied Arts" seeks to provide a summary of personal financial status for the purpose of applying for federal funding to pay tuition fees and ultimately pursuing the career of an artist…
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Applying to a College Financial Aid for Applied Arts
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Personal Essay with current financial status To study at an esteemed college of fine and applied arts has always been my life-long passion. Unfortunately, the only obstacle that stands in my way to pursue my dream is the financing.
My mother is no position to support me and pay my college fees that amounts to a sum of $39,823 per year. I come from a single family home and there is none to support us right now. There was absolutely no scope for any saving any money. My case is tough due to fact that I am caught in an abyss where the total income is extremely high to receive and hope for any kind of federal funding and also too low to pay my tuition fess. The recession has not helped the situation and due to the current state of affairs and the economic scenario, my mother lost almost half of her hard-earned 401K. We both did think of other options too like securing a loan by mortgaging the house. Unfortunately, for me this is not a viable option due to the ongoing recession. However, I have not let my circumstances affect my determination. I am currently and have been the Drum line Captain of my high school since the last for years and the Los Angeles Unified All District Honor Marching Band (LAUSD) with 300-plus members and we have performed in the Rose Bowl Parade. Apart from this, I was the Vice President of the Physics Club for two years. Leadership is my forte. I have also won many awards including the Music Department Award for “Outstanding Music Performance,” the Instrumental Music Department Award for three years in a row (2005-2007) and the Arizona State University & The Academy Drum & Bugle Corp Summer Marching Academy in 2007. Our band has performed from 2006-2009 in the Rose Bowl Parade, Band Fest and at Disneyland, the Dodgers 50th Anniversary Opening Night in 2007 and in 2006 for Hilary Clinton’s ‘Keep America Beautiful’ campaign. I do hope that you understand my situation that there is absolutely no way I will be able to pay my tuition fees and enjoy studying the course of my choice unless I receive some financial aid. Read More
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