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Difficulties to Be Prepared for Online Classes - Essay Example

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In the essay “Difficulties to be prepared for online classes” the author gives recommendations how to prepare for class. Two of the most important things he can do to prepare for class are read the given assignment and do all of the homework assignments…
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Difficulties to Be Prepared for Online Classes
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Extract of sample "Difficulties to Be Prepared for Online Classes"

Difficulties to be prepared for online classes
Online classes are often difficult to be prepared for. It is easy to get caught up in personal life outside of the class and not wish to study or prepare for class. There are many ways to make it easier to prepare for class, and I always follow the ways I have found work best for me. I do my best to find time to study by myself, so when I am at the computer I am alone and do not allow any distractions.
Two of the most important things I can do to prepare for class are read the given assignment and do all of the homework assignments. This may seem obvious, but it is easy to procrastinate and wind up struggling to catch up when the assignment is due. This is especially true for online classes where there isn’t a teacher there to bother you about your assignments every day. No matter what I always do the assignments immediately and allow plenty of time in case I need help.
If I have any trouble with my assignments or with the class in general I know I can go to the instructor. I never hesitate to ask my instructor questions when I have problems. If the instructor is unavailable I have classmates I can go to for help as well. It is also important that I buy the instructor recommended books so that I can follow along in class and learn from my experiences.
In conclusion, the best things I can do to prepare for class are to take time out of my day to concentrate on my studies, do all of the assignments quickly and thoroughly, and ask for help when I need it. There are many other ways to do well in class and practice good classroom skills, but these are the main ways that I have found work best for me in the past, and will continue to use in the future. Read More
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