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College Education: Should Education be Free - Essay Example

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An essay "College Education: Should Education be Free" reports that there has always been subsisted a dispute among the intellectuals and educationalists, that whether education should be free or not. Heated discussion on the topic is still going on and many suggestions also have been promoted…
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College Education: Should Education be Free
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Extract of sample "College Education: Should Education be Free"

Download file to see previous pages Education should be included in the fundamental rights or the birthright of a person. The same right should be capable of protecting all children and providing them “adequacy” and “equality.” Many countries of the world have included education in their fundamental rights of the citizens. One of the articles of Indian constitution confirms the right to education when it says: No citizen shall be denied admission into any educational institution maintained by the State or receiving aid out of State funds on grounds only of religion, race, caste, language or any of them. The Indian constitution never allows any partiality in the case of education and it will not allow anyone or anything to hamper the smooth functioning in the process of education. But the supreme court of US has not yet recognized education as the fundamental or civil right. One knows clearly that education is truly a lifelong experience that will open the world of different benefits and opportunities, capable of enriching one’s social life and personal life. Education will also promote great personal enjoyment and a sense of purpose. The modern life is blessed with different types of learning experiences. But the existing educational system often draws a curtain before the dreams of the poor student, who has been denied education as he has the shortage of money. If he is given the proper education, he may also reach the forefront of the society and will be capable of aiming the greatest heights.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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