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In the paper “Career Objectives: Capital Markets Analyst” the author provides his career objectives, which have been reinforced by his success as a Financial Advisor after graduation, where he won the Mercury Award for selling ten financial plans in his first ten weeks on the job…
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Career Objectives: Capital Markets Analyst
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Career Objectives: Capital Markets Analyst
Right from my earliest years, as a child growing up on a farm, I have always been interested in how produce (in this case, corn and soya!) translated into wealth. In school, I gravitated naturally towards Mathematics and, after graduating with honors from High School, elected to take Finance as my major, with the option of Financial Management and Financial Institutions. The immense satisfaction I have derived from my choice of subjects and my enduring interest in this area, has convinced me that my career objectives will continue to focus on finance. After all, my passion for snowboarding and wakeboarding is only rivaled by my interest in computers and financial markets!
My career objectives have been reinforced by my success as a Financial Advisor after graduation, where I won the Mercury Award for selling ten financial plans in my first ten weeks on the job. Likewise, in my present position as a Capital Markets Analyst, I have risen rapidly through the ranks. I am deeply aware that, while my go-getter attitude and analytical thought processes are my definite strengths, it is the academic skills that I mastered in college which have stood me in good stead in my chosen profession. Undoubtedly, it is knowledge which is the strongest foundation of a successful career. I am positive that graduate education will be my path to greater achievement.
Just as I am aware of how my undergraduate studies have contributed to my outstanding performance at the entry level, I have also realized that, in many ways, my current knowledge is superficial. At this point in my career, an in-depth, well-rounded grasp of business and finance is essential in order for me to qualify for the top ranks in the hierarchy. I am looking to upgrade my knowledge and learn about new avenues for its application. After all, I see myself managing the entire Treasury Department sometime in the future! I am certain that an MBA will equip me with the unique skill sets I require to advance in my current job and prove myself to be an undisputed asset to my company.
As a person who is unabashedly passionate about finance, the present financial crisis has been a definite eye-opener. I am now keenly aware that financial markets are not just about figures and the antiseptic movement of funds and derivatives, but actually impact the everyday life of ordinary men and women. Yes, money does make the world go round: not just the world of stock markets, but also the world of shelter and food and children’s’ education. I have taken a fresh stock of my motivations and goals. I now find myself moved by a new urgency to expand my knowledge of finance and business, so that I can become an integral part of the force which works to ensure that the present crisis is contained and not repeated in the future.
The time I spent working on our farm, has given me a practical perspective on business at the basic level. My hands-on experience as a financial advisor and as a trader of derivatives, bonds and federal funds has further exposed me to the world of finance. I bring with me a wealth of information regarding the field of finance. I am confident that, by sharing this first-hand knowledge with my peers, I can contribute, in my own unique way, to the enrichment of my class. I know that an MBA from the University of will best equip me to excel in my chosen field and also help me to do my own share towards making the world of finance a better, safer place for everyone in the future. Read More
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