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The improvement of teaching and learning through technology by blended learning in secondary schools - Dissertation Example

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This paper will discuss how there has been improvement of teaching and learning through technology by blended learning in secondary schools. In the field of education, technology helps children to be productive, innovative and enterprising. …
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The improvement of teaching and learning through technology by blended learning in secondary schools
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"The improvement of teaching and learning through technology by blended learning in secondary schools"

Download file to see previous pages Both students and teachers are used to a certain format of teaching and learning and too abrupt a change may lead to resistance from both. This resistance could reduce the effectiveness of the new learning process. In such a situation, blended learning is helpful as it contains a mix of the traditional and new approaches. Blending provides a stable transition of familiar and new features. The most efficient teaching method is a blended approach which combines technology with face-to-face learning. Technology would support the traditional education rather than threatening its existence. Education technology is expected to supplement and complement the traditional education methods and not replace them. It is supposed to make work easier for the staff and students thereby enhancing the process of teaching and learning. Blend needs to retain a certain conservative element, which could hinder progress over time. Periodic evaluation is thus essential. Teachers have the opportunity to individualize instructions at all levels and for all students. The weaker students receive encouragement and motivation and they have been known to improve their performance. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Improvement of Teaching and Learning through Technology by Blended Dissertation.
“The Improvement of Teaching and Learning through Technology by Blended Dissertation”, n.d.
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