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This paper "Online Learning" explores the advantages of online learning. Reportedly, few would argue that one of the most dramatic and far-reaching technological developments in the 1990s is the Internet, the worldwide “network of networks”. …
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Online Learning
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"Online Learning"

Download file to see previous pages Today employers in all branches of business are especially interested in executors who are able not only work with modern technologies but also are willing to study simultaneously with the working process. Such combination is possible only in case of distant or online education. Therefore leaders of the leading business stress important role of online education of future specialists as such practice will ensure constant knowledge refreshment (Kazi-Ferrouillet, 1989). Extension of online education courses requires restructuring of public education. From the one point of view, this will help to prepare future specialists to the modern technological environment but there is another point of view – online education may influence the performance of students and such influence may be positive as well as negative (David, 1991). The conflict between requirements of the business world and general requirements for educational programs, which are very often can’t be met by online educational courses, is the one to be solved. There are a lot of teachers and students who support online education, teachers because they can deliver information to larger audience and students because they don’t have to attend classes (Mehlinger, 1996); for this instance, online education gain stronger positions in higher and secondary school (Grimm, 1995). Online education, online educational networks, and development of these trends in education have attracted special attention of the educational world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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