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Total Quality Management - Case Study Example

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The writer of this paper "Total Quality Management Case Study" aims to investigate for the best education management plan which would provide the best study and work experience for both teachers and students…
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Total Quality Management Case Study
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Extract of sample "Total Quality Management"

Download file to see previous pages In comparison to some of the other companies that have perfected the concept, Queensland Education Planning and Accountability Document still needs to make improvements (Queensland State Education, 2008). Any company, no matter the size or if the company is for profit or nonprofit can use basic strategic planning practices. Queensland Education Planning and Accountability Document needs to make continuous improvements by establishing well-defined goals and empowering teaching staff to reach these goals (Queensland Studies Authority, 2008). While total quality management is used in many manufacturing industries, it also can be used in education. When looking at how other districts use total quality management to enhance educating it students there are very few differences between Queensland Education Planning and Accountability Document and Queensland Education Planning and Accountability Document (Catholic Education Commission, 2009). According to J. Manley and R. Manley (2006),
“the New Farm State School District in Queensland, began its quest for total Quality Management (strategic planning) by formally defining the educational philosophy of continuous improvement and quality” (Manley and Manley, 2006)
With this beginning, New Farm State School changed total quality management into total quality education. Queensland school system is committed to creating a team environment for students as well as staff. The school believes strongly in creating team-based brainstorming and empowering teachers to make decisions regarding his or her students. New Farm State School District is committed to team-based strategies as well (Johnson, 2006). Both organizations want to provide quality education to their customers, the students. New Farm State School has created pro-active strategies while Queensland Education Planning and Accountability Document take a reactive approach to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...) is “an art of management” (Singh, Qureshi and Butt, 2007) that became popular with business organizations in 1980s. Clark (1996) has explained that this management strategy focuses on maintaining quality of in all processes running in an organization; manufacturing, human resource, financial procurements, R&D and administration. Implementation of total quality management provides a framework that guides the organization to select competitive advantages in the face of uncertainty. These competitive advantages become the foundation on which operational decisions are made regarding the marketplace (Tseng and Lin, 2008)....
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... entrants which have the potentiality of gaining competitive advantage over its competitors. Apart from profitability, increase in market share the company needs to focus on adhering with protectionist, import restrictions, tariff, subsidies policies etc. These challenges have led to the emergence of Total Quality Management (TQM) concept which focuses on the timely and high quality production along with accurate supply of goods. The author of the study has highlighted the importance of TQM concept, applications, importance and limitations. The study will give an insight into the TQM practices of Xerox Corporation Ltd. Finally, it will conclude with recommendations that have the potentiality of improving the existing TQM practices...
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... many. The trivial few in the data are Confusion (75), Strain (60), and Sprain (25). It represents 37.5%, 30.0% and 12.5%, respectively, of the whole categories of injuries received. Consequently, the three injuries also signify 80% of the problems. Question 4 - TQM Principle a. Total Quality Management (TQM) is a management philosophy that involves every person in the organisation and every phase of it operation. It employs a customer-focus definition which aims at maximising customer satisfaction. The role of management is vital in TQM such that they must be fully committed in TQM and this commitment must stream down the organisation. As for the Iron-Ore mining company, it overlooked the TQM principle that everyone must be involved...
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... of performance, which is more visionary in nature. Therefore the objective of Strategic Management and Performance Improvement Department is to transform the Abu Dhabi Policemen from the conventional symbol of watcher and guardian to the a non-traditional image of the comprehensive employee. This calls for a critical assessment of the readiness of the department for implementing a TQM approach so that the Department can contribute more to the maintenance of peace, tradition and justice in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Total Quality Management "Total Quality Management (TQM) is a set of management practices throughout the organization geared to ensure the organization consistently meets or exceeds customer requirements. TQM places strong focus...
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... Total Quality Management Q1. Total Quality Management (TQM) basically concerns long-term management approachesaimed at achieving high customer satisfaction. TQM demands that every member of the firm participate actively in improving processes, products as well as service quality. The ides that Rob and Daine have developed clearly emphasizes on customer satisfaction, which is to be driven by quality products and services of their restaurant. The partners’ ideas are focused on creating a customer-oriented culture. By implementing training program for new managers and employees on what is expected of them, the restaurant shall be instilling useful information that would help it achieve its objective of offering high quality products...
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.... References American Society for Quality, No Date. The 7 Basic Quality Tools for Process Improvement. Overview [Online] Available at: [Accessed April 18, 2015]. Arivalagar, A. A. & Naagarazan, R. S., 2009. Total Quality Management. India: New Age International. Brown, S. & et. al., 2013. Operations Management: Policy, Practice and Performance Improvement. Italy: Routledge. BSI, No Date (a). Environmental Management: A Key Driver for ACO in Reducing Costs and Increasing Efficiency and...
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Rivalry among competing sellers in the industry – rivalry among legal internet music sites is not too intensive, because the legal online download ind...
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Nearly twenty percent of the hospitals in 2001 had registered nurse vacancy rates in excess of twenty percent. The survey conducted on behalf of the American Hospital Association in 2001 showed that 126,000 full-time registered nurse positions were not filled. The following year in 2002 the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that the number of states in the United States of America experiencing registered nurse shortages had gone up to thirty. The consequences of the shortage of nurses on the nursing professionals as evaluated by studies showing that the nursing professionals were experiencing burnouts, stress, and lack of job satisfaction, which was likely to compound the issue of shortage of nursing professionals. The...
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Taking into consideration that Harmony is the sixth-largest in the world in the gold mining industry, the choice of Harmony God Mining Co. as a benchmark company is the most suitable and justifiable. Moreover, Harmony has also some investment stake in Rio Tinto, and this situation makes the company more suitable for the choice. At places, the benchmark company’s performances have been better than Rio Tinto, and thus Harmony has a competitive edge as well over Rio Tinto.

Profitability ratios like Operating Margin Ratio, Net Margin Ratio, Return on Assets (ROA), and Return on Equity (ROE) are the performance analyzer of any company. Profit Margin ratios show the relationship between profit and sales. Since profit ca...
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The attitude is that if there is time left over from the workday, which there never is, we will put some consideration into HR initiatives. But unless HR is in the hands of someone who is qualified by education and experience to properly give it its due implantation, HR will always be at the end of a long to-do list that seldom gets reached.  This will soon be impractical as HR is becoming a more predominant force in the workplace, ‘HR programs and processes will remain important, but, like accounting and sales, they will be even more powerful as part of the new decision science.’ (Boudreau, and Ramstad)

By giving the responsibility of HR the section/line managers, whose main lot in life is to come in u...
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 Consumers started looking for variety and lower prices. Through the use of technology, such customer tradeoff against variety and prices is not necessary. The US life insurance industry is large, mature and dominated by a number of large companies and this industry has been one of the early adopters of computer technology (Subramanian & Chatterjee, 2007). The advent of the CRM systems changed the landscape of the insurance industry.

The health insurance organizations use CRM to prepare health proposals and process applications in a much faster and accurate way. The organizations are better able to understand the needs and habits of the customer and provide more efficient service. Companies are able to integrat...
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Diversity Management in Organisations

Diversity goes ahead of worker’s equity to cultivate office surroundings that value the dissimilarities and capitalizes on the latent of all workers, one that encourages worker’s inventiveness and innovativeness. (POLLITT, David, 2006)
Diversity management enables individuals to act upon up to their utmost potential as it emphasizes on modifying the company‘s ethnicity and infrastructure so that people may attain the peak output efficiency feasibly. Efficiently administration of diversity manoeuvres the “operating overheads and workforce attitudes, recruitment of human resources, sales and market share, creativity and innovation, group problem solving and productivity.” (POLLITT, David, 2006) In...
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Organizational Change Management of LG Electronics

The resistance to changes in organizations is most prevalent at the lower ranks of the ladder due to employees distrusting the reasoning by management behind the decisions or the lack of respect of the acumen of their leaders. This attitude permeates in the workplace, staff ranks, sections, and even over the entire organization. However, there are those in the organization who always look forward to changes believing it will herald better opportunities for them and improve the working conditions for them. Former US president John F. Kennedy1 who wrote, “Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future”, aptly elucidated this concept of change (Warren, Benne and...
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Introduction to Change Management

Management often follows a “change management process” to change the existing process or activity.
Change management is a systematic approach for dealing with change that takes place in the organization as well as at the individual level. Such change management comprises of three aspects: adapting change, controlling it and finally affecting it. These three aspects of change management were well explained in three stages of change model given by Lewin (1952) and the three stages are “unfreezing”, “change” & “refreezing” (Orlikowski & Hofman, 1997). Another model for change was introduced by Prosci after conducting a research on more than 1000 companies from 59 countries....
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Risk Management in the Airline Industry

With revenues in excess of ₤9 billion and a fleet of 245 aircraft as of March 2009, Heathrow-based BA’s risk management strategies provide an excellent example.
b) easyJet Plc, a Low-Cost Carrier, flying to more than 100 destinations in Europe, UK, and Northern Africa, and clocking over 50 million seats, with revenues of ₤2.4 billion in 2007-08 [2]. Covering over 380 routes with a fleet of 165 aircraft as of September 2008, Luton-based easyJet’s risk management strategies provide another excellent example with a different set of policies.

The airline industry, internationally, is characterized by its exposure to substantial operational and financial risks. Financial risks result in uncertainly in key pa...
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Vitamins and minerals are micronutrients that are only required in small quantities but are indispensable in maintaining a strong and healthy body. Most individuals should be capable of obtaining all the nutrients they require by consuming a healthy, diverse diet, even though there are a few exemptions. For instance, females thinking about getting pregnant are advised to consume a folic acid supplement to prevent the abnormalities within the child. (What are nutrients? n.d.).

In this study, my case history is presented. I am 41 years of age and trying very hard to lose weight. There are no known diseases in my family that I know of and the only thing that I suffer from is severe constipation. Constipation may be a conti...
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Implementing Total Quality Management “the total composite product of service characteristics of marketing, engineering, manufacture and maintenance through which the product and service in use will meet the expectation by the customer” (Oakland & Morris, 1997, p.2). In the light of the fact that the main purpose of this report is to outline the action plan as well as describe the implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) in a large fast food outlet based in Mackay, Queensland, a summary of the steps involved will be provided. Subsequently, each of the steps will be individually evaluated to justify the necessity of TQM as a tool to enhance the quality of service. 2....
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