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Music Incorporation - Case Study Example

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I have decided to incorporate Swat music into my documentary. This music can be in several ways. First, the Swat music can be played in the background during the opening and closing credits. Secondly, the Swat music can be incorporated in between interviews with expatriates, while shots of their work are being shown…
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Music Incorporation
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Extract of sample "Music Incorporation"

Download file to see previous pages The effect of the music, especially the Swat music, will instill pride in both natives of Bahrain and expatriates. The soothing rhythms of artists such as Ahmed Salmeen and Rashed Al Hemeli will make all people from Bahrain feel a unity. This is the aim of the documentary; to make natives and expatriates of Bahrain feel a togetherness. The whole point of this documentary is to show the usefulness of expatriates, thus allowing natives to accept them as equal citizens.
I chose three songs that would fit in with this documentary. They are Yahia Omar Gal Ma shan and Inna Wajdi by Ahmed Salmeen and Mudhena Wa Laisa by Rashed Al Hemeli. The reasons for these particular songs would be the representation of Bahrain. These two artists are popular Swat musicians. My target audience, anyone from Bahrain over the age of sixteen interested in the contributions of expatriates, would be familiar with these songs and format. Swat is a mixture of Persian, Indian, and African blues type. It is very mellow and upbeat, which is the tone I want for my documentary.
I begin researching popular music from Bahrain. Swat was just one type of music I found on the Internet. Bahrain natives listens to various types of music, but Swat is the type that best described the mood I needed to get across to my audience. I went to This had samples of Swat music. After listening to many samples of Swat artists, I chose Ahmen Salmeen and Rashed Al Hemeli. Their music was what I wanted to portray in my documentary. I mentioned three songs above, but both men have other selections I can chose as a backup if needed.
The other reason I chose Swat is the Arabic influence. Bahrain is an Arabic country. Swat has the tone of the Imans' call for daily prayers. It is very moving for people with an Arabic background, or people who have chosen to live in the Middle East. The Swat music will make my documentary smoother. It will also hopefully make my audience more open to the message I am trying to send.
Diary Entry
To film this documentary I went to three diplomatic areas in Bahrain, filming around ten minutes. I went to the Bahrain Financial Harbor, the Ministry of Labor, and the Ministry of Education. While at these areas, I tried to film expatriates primarily. However, another focus was on expatriates and natives working together. At the Bahrain Financial Harbor, I filmed the outside of the beautiful building, before going in to film the expatriates. I interviewed several people, mostly men, but some women. After going to the Bahrain Financial Harbor, I went to the Ministry of Labor. Once again I filmed the outside, with people entry and leaving. I interviewed expatriates. I also decided to get some input from a few natives. All of the feedback I received was positive. Both expatriates and natives only had high regards for Bahrain. They portrayed Bahrain as a Middle Eastern country, but with all the amenities of the West. Finally, I went to the Ministry of Education. This stop helped me film more expatriates and natives working together. All together I filmed about an hour, which will be edited down to thirty minutes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Music Incorporation Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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