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The Goals of the Students Learning in Mathematics - Essay Example

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In the essay “The Goals of the Student’s Learning in Mathematics” the author focuses on a specific set of computational and procedural standards that must be understood and mastered by the student. For example, students may be asked to be able to memorize their number facts of addition…
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The Goals of the Students Learning in Mathematics
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Extract of sample "The Goals of the Students Learning in Mathematics"

Decimals, and percents, Perform operations with fractions, decimals, and percents, Measure, Finding perimeters and areas of simple figures, Interpret graphs encountered in
daily life, Find the mean and median of a set of data from the real world, use scientific notation to represent very large or very small numbers, use basic geometry, including the
Pythagorean theorem, Find the equation of a line, given two points through which it passes, and solve linear equations and systems of linear equations.
This list, however, is by no means everything a student should be able to do and only acts as a basic guideline for what a student should be able to achieve in math while they are in the California educational system.

The goals associated with student's learning in mathematics are also important. Students should develop fluency in basic computational skills, develop an understanding of mathematical Concepts and Become mathematical problem solvers who can recognize and solve routine problems readily and can find ways to reach a solution or goal where no routine path is apparent. These are the three goals that all students should develop while learning math, and are important to their overall schooling as they grow up to adults upon their leaving of the educational system.

In a general education class, these broads skills are skills that all students should learn, and are skills that are helpful to teach to everybody. Some students will learn them fast, and others will struggle, but by teaching them as general educations everybody can learn them on the same level filed. In early education, this helps students all feel equal and it also gives faster students the ability to help other students along the way; thus making friendships and team-building abilities as well. It is imperative to their education that children begin at this same level early on, as they all can hopefully learn to be successful as they develop through the educational system.

When planning for special education students, it is important to make sure the goals of Universal Access are met. In order to do this, we need to make sure to keep these learning opportunities available to all students, even special education ones. We should keep all options available for such students, and give them the chance to learn in a general education setting with their peers to try to give them the same chances that their peers may have. Read More
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(The Goals of the Students Learning in Mathematics Essay, n.d.)
The Goals of the Students Learning in Mathematics Essay.
(The Goals of the Students Learning in Mathematics Essay)
The Goals of the Students Learning in Mathematics Essay.
“The Goals of the Students Learning in Mathematics Essay”.
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