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My Personal Communication Goals - Assignment Example

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In the paper “My Personal Communication Goals” the author describes how he wants to become more confident and more open with his feelings to his parents and to his friends. There are many times that he feels quite frustrated but he cannot find the words to express his thoughts…
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My Personal Communication Goals
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Extract of sample "My Personal Communication Goals"

Download file to see previous pages I should learn to be more open and to communicate with them constantly rather than shun away because this will not do any good. Keeping quiet and keeping a distance are nonverbal expressions of my indifference and I should work that out if I want to have a better relationship with anyone that comes across my life.
Barriers to communication:
A client you work with is constantly rude and obtrusive: This is a psychological barrier to communication. I will not be able to understand my co-worker well because I have a negative perception as a result of his attitude double meaning may result. He might mean well but because I find him rude I will have no way of telling if he is genuine and truthful in what he is saying.
The clinic I practice becomes humid during the day. When the window is opened the sound of traffic disturbs the consultation: This is an example of a mechanical barrier. The noise and humidity are obstructions to effective communication. It is difficult to be understood well because of the noise and the patient may not be comfortable because of the humid temperature. This makes the patients not very ready to listen to what I say.
A client stands very close to you when they are speaking: This is an example of an organic barrier. I may be disturbed with the loudness of the voice of the client or uncomfortable with his smell or nearness and that blocks my attention to what he is saying.
You are a practitioner that has a speech impediment and wears contact lenses: There is an organic barrier here. I may not be able to produce the correct sound of the words and I might not see my listeners well so they may misunderstand what I am saying.
A client becomes very angry during a session. They leave the session early. At the next session, they apologize and offer you a cup of coffee: Another example of a psychological barrier. I might think that they are not sincere. They have let their emotions prevail. There will be a double meaning to their offer of coffee. I may think that they were embarrassed for their actions and now they are trying to cover up. I will question their motives. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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My Personal Communication Goals Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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