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Breaking the Language Barrier - Essay Example

Immigrants who are thrust into a job or school where they are forced to communicate can usually pick up the language fairly quickly. A hungry worker can soon learn to pronounce hamburger in anyone's native tongue. Students learn quickly be conversing with their friends. Immersing yourself in a different land or culture can bring out the necessity and makes learning a new language as easy as it is practical. If you can't travel to a foreign country for an extended stay, there are many other ways to learn a new language. Home study courses are offered on CD or over the Internet. They allow you to study at your own pace and with your own personal study techniques. Local colleges routinely offer language classes and this allows the student to converse with the instructor and classmates throughout the course. These often include field trips to foreign restaurants or films. With the wide array of instruction that is available, learning a new language is easier than it has ever been. Even though it's a simple task to get enrolled in a language course, it still requires dedication to overcome the obstacles. It can be frustrating to break our old conceptions of sentence structure and word order that we have built on our knowledge of English. Pronunciation can be difficult as many words have several meanings. Trying to translate a foreign language into English can sometimes be a challenge. Some languages, such as the Khoisan languages of southern Africa, use clicks as an integral part of the language

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Language Barrier Essay
Taking the case of Amy, a writer in English language, she finds that the English that she uses in her professional circle is highly polished in comparison to the English she uses at home with her mother or even while talking to her husband. In the case of Amy’s mother, she conveys the meaning well but makes it possible without using the subject and the verb; she avoids the repetition of pronoun ‘he’ while referring to Du Yusong (Tan 1).
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History of the Parthenon and its Barrier Breaking Architecture
The temple (see Figure 1) is widely recognized today as an architectural marvel due to its elaborate design, use of materials, and exquisite structural decorations. The construction of this temple is deemed to have commenced during the early 447 BC and the building was finally inaugurated in 438 BC after installation of the statue of goddess Athena.
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Language: Bond or Barrier
People all over the world speak different languages. Language contains words and words keep profound power over all of our actions and reactions. People are encouraged to act through words and they are discouraged to perform through words. This paper discusses the impact of language as a bond or barrier in our lives.
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Breaking the Cultural Barrier to Medicine
Racial and ethnic minorities account for 80% of the Tuberculosis cases reported between 1991-2001. Wherever we look, there is a widening gap between the health care of middle class whites and ethnic minorities. The National Institute of Health has instituted the Healthy People 2010 program that is designed to eliminate the disparity in health care.
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Thames Barrier System
This paper will look at Thames Barrier which is one of the solutions taken to shield the city of London from flood. Thames barrier is one of the UK's major estuaries. It expands from the tidal limit in river Thames at Teddington Lock passing through the heart of London and out to the North Sea.
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Asylum procedure in Ireland under Refugee Act 1996
Data on the number of persons refused leave to land which was 4,477 in 2004 may be indicative of flows of illegal immigrants to Ireland. However it should be noted that permission to enter Ireland may be refused for a range of reasons.
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Breaking Laws
According to the study the line between acceptable and unacceptable and legal is blurred consequently. The case of Galvatrens vividly portrays the importance and crucial role of codes of conduct, codes of ethics and strict ethical policies aimed to protect the company and its employees from unethical behavior and misconduct. 
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Law Breaking
Since they are not sharp shooters, they end up hurting the bystanders and wounding others. This gang goes by the name "six tre folk nation". Some of their major crimes have been
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How sexist, racist, and homophobic language creates a barrier to communication
Therefore, communication barrier arises from the use of sexist, racist, or homophobic language. Sexists have a view that a given gender is superior over the
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Breaking Boundaries
I wanted to know how people celebrate weddings in that culture; how much they usually spend on weddings, and where do there draw a line between necessity and overspending. Most importantly, I wanted to draw my own conclusions about the social psychology of people
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(The Khoisan Language Family).


Johann Goethe once remarked, “Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own”. Indeed, fluency in a second language is a prized possession in the age of globalization. …
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Breaking the Language Barrier
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