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Johann Goethe once remarked, “Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own”. Indeed, fluency in a second language is a prized possession in the age of globalization. …
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Breaking the Language Barrier
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Breaking the Language Barrier Johann Goethe once remarked, “Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own”. Indeed, fluency in a second language is a prized possession in the age of globalization. Bilingualism opens up employment opportunities, cross-cultural conversation, and a greater understanding of the world. Yet, our longing to know a new language is often held back by our fear of frustration. Getting over the initial fear of tackling a new language can be intimidating. Although learning a new language can be a frustrating experience; it could be easy if you follow these steps.
Everyone has their own reasons for learning a foreign language, but necessity may be the mother of motivation. Immigrants who are thrust into a job or school where they are forced to communicate can usually pick up the language fairly quickly. A hungry worker can soon learn to pronounce hamburger in anyone's native tongue. Students learn quickly be conversing with their friends. Immersing yourself in a different land or culture can bring out the necessity and makes learning a new language as easy as it is practical.
If you cant travel to a foreign country for an extended stay, there are many other ways to learn a new language. Home study courses are offered on CD or over the Internet. They allow you to study at your own pace and with your own personal study techniques. Local colleges routinely offer language classes and this allows the student to converse with the instructor and classmates throughout the course. These often include field trips to foreign restaurants or films. With the wide array of instruction that is available, learning a new language is easier than it has ever been.
Even though it's a simple task to get enrolled in a language course, it still requires dedication to overcome the obstacles. It can be frustrating to break our old conceptions of sentence structure and word order that we have built on our knowledge of English. Pronunciation can be difficult as many words have several meanings. Trying to translate a foreign language into English can sometimes be a challenge. Some languages, such as the Khoisan languages of southern Africa, use clicks as an integral part of the language (The Khoisan Language Family). These can be difficult to imitate and can leave the student with a feeling of despair. However, with the continued effort these barriers can be overcome and eliminate the frustrating feeling.
At some point in their life, almost everyone has yearned to learn a foreign language. Yet, too often they are dissuaded by the fear of the daunting difficulties that it may involve. Extended foreign travel or immigration to a foreign land can be a great motivation for learning a new language. Other possibilities also abound and college courses and home study materials are readily available. You can challenge yourself to a foreign film or an ethnic eatery. With time and effort, even the most complex languages can be mastered by almost anyone. By following these simple steps, the adventure into the land of a foreign language can be a painless and pleasant experience.
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