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Educational Sector in the Great Britain - Essay Example

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The adage says that knowledge is power. Knowledge generates from education and the process of education in any country involves study at schools and colleges where the students learn various disciplines of knowledge that would generally and greatly be useful to them in their professional life…
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Educational Sector in the Great Britain
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Extract of sample "Educational Sector in the Great Britain"

Download file to see previous pages On the face of it, everything is fine in the educational sector in the UK especially in its schooling system but a deeper study of its curriculum raises questions about its efficacy and influence it would have on the future professionals of the Great Britain.
The ever increasing gap between academic theories taught at schools and their applicability in practical and professional life poses a great question mark over their usefulness in making up the future citizens of the country. Already it has reached a threatening stage where the native British youth have been lagging behind in taking up professional careers when compared to their counterparts of Asian origin in the UK. Lucinda Platt of the University of Essex, using the data from the UK's Office for National Statistics, has recently disclosed that young people of ethnic minority families in Britain, particularly Indian working class families, have been claiming a larger cake in professional and managerial roles in the country. According to Platt, 56 percent of
The theory and practice of education is directly linked to the growth of practical knowledge among the wealth of students. It would also have its impact on the effective or ineffective utilisation of youth power for the sake of the country and society. The design and development of curriculum, pupils and educational management, teaching methods, prioritising the subjects, inculcation of necessary creative and imaginary skills among the student community are all part and parcel of the theory and practice of education. Among these, curriculum and its related affairs play a major role in consolidating the pieces of knowledge gained by the students. When one deeply thinks of the ongoing schooling curriculum in the country, one tends to note that unfortunately it is not creative oriented but purely pro-academic. Most of the UK schools have been following the teaching of academic subjects colleted from various sources while no importance is being accorded to supplement the theoretical knowledge with practical proficiency.
Practical knowledge is used to find solutions to problems plaguing the society. In the absence of this end objective, there is no meaning to pursue any kind of education. Mary Warnock, acclaimed educationist and researcher, strongly feels that education and teaching should above all aim to stimulate and engage the imaginative skills of the students. As far back as 1973,


Warnock, in her research paper 'Towards a Definition of Quality in Education', had suggested that it would be better for students to leave their schools with a profound knowledge of one important subject rather than shallow knowledge of several topics (Mary Warnock, Para 6).What a visionary statement it was! The singular meaning of her statement, applicable even in present
days, is not very difficult to understand. She was thoroughly of the view that students should not be subjected with formal acquaintance of several subjects as it would not give them ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Educational Sector in the Great Britain Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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