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Studying effectively through classroom lectures can help students assimilate vast amount of information effectively. Being a student of medicine there are enormous amount of details that has to be learnt through different lectures . Hence, I intend to develop a study plan in order to assimilate and retain the information generated through classroom lectures.
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How i plan to study
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Studying effectively through room lectures can help assimilate vast amount of information effectively. Being a of medicine there are enormous amount of details that has to be learnt through different lectures . Hence, I intend to develop a study plan in order to assimilate and retain the information generated through classroom lectures.
It is important for every student to develop interest in lectures to attain success in the examination and studies. Students must listen attentively and never hesitate to raise any kind of question pertaining to the subject. It is essential that students attend lectures regularly so that they do not miss an important aspect of the subject. [Author not known1, 2005].The first step of my study plan is to diligently attend all the lectures pertaining to my subject and try to seek clarification in case of any doubts regarding the topic discussed .
The next step is to identify the important points . I will capture the main ideas in the form of notes. [Landsberger, 2005]. I will utilize mind-mapping technique because it is an effective tool of taking notes. It is a technique of taking notes through key words and images. This method helps in quick jotting down of relevant information and is an effective method to remember and review the contents of the lectures.
In mind mapping technique, the sentences and paragraphs will be represented in the form of key words and images. Circle the most important word represented by symbol or phrase. Write the related topic outside the circle close to each other. Gradually, the map expands in the direction the topic navigates. This helps the topic in being more specific or detailed. [Landsberger, 2005]
Thirdly, I will link and cross-reference key words and images utilized in the mind maps. [Author not known2, 2005]. This will help me to relate to the key notes, phrases, questions and images mentioned in the notes.
Fourthly, I will memorize the contents learnt in the classroom. I will try to revise the information by illustrating definitions and concepts utilized in the keywords. Creation of examples will help me attain a broader and an in depth understanding of the subject. [Author not known2, 2005].
I will utilize some of the memorizing techniques to help me learn the subject better. The first step towards this is to rewrite and organize the notes and creation of index cards on key terms or definitions. The notes will be reviewed and recited regularly. [McMillan and Keller, 2005]
Lastly, I will try to relate the specific topic learnt in the classroom lecture with the information that I already know about the topic. I will utilize diagrams, illustrations, paragraphs and models to understand the topic completely. [Author not known2, 2005]
To summarize, the five effective steps that I intend to follow in my study plan are record, reduce, recite, reflect and review. [Landsberger, 2005].
I am sure this study plan will help me excel in my studies and exams. It will also help me in attaining and retaining vast amount of information effectively.
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