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Modern Foreign Languages - Essay Example

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Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) study, as a part of National Curriculum is gaining importance in our times of globalization. The policy of the government is that by the year 2010 all children in key stage 2 must learn another language in addition to English…
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Modern Foreign Languages
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Download file to see previous pages As such learning of MFL should be given prime preference in order to make our young citizens to become global citizens, in the matter of social integration.(, viewed on 14th March 2009). This is why the researcher has intended to analyse the issues such as (i) how is the study of languages implemented within primary schools, and (ii) which languages are offered to primary school children, and (iii) how is this being taught etc., in schools
The necessity for teaching of Modern Foreign Languages had not been felt strongly till the beginning of the last decade.The National Curriculum implemented widely in the EU between the 1880s and the 1890s entitled the students between 11 and
And therefore this research is focused on the modus operandi of MFL teaching at primary level schools in London. The details of the report on the research conducted by me are elaborated in four main chapters, viz., (i) review of literature (ii) methodology (iii) data collection, and (iv) conclusion.
This dissertation is conceived by combining theory and practice propped by the information acquired from the review of literature along with a brief research conducted in primary schools adopting different methods such as survey, observations and interviews. Its aim is to collect data on the study of modern languages at primary levels in London and on how it is implemented by teachers, and how it is conceived by the children. The findings arrived at, established beyond doubt that MFL learning should get the prime position in the National Curriculum, and the present system of teaching must be improved to some extent, so that this will make our young citizens well acquainted with international understanding and harmony through cultural awareness. Such a step will make them ideal citizens.

Modern Foreign Languages
National Curriculum
Key stage 2
Additional Language
Social Integration
DfES (The Department for Education and Skills)
In the outset I must express my heartfelt thanks to my learned Guide who helped me a lot with timely directions and advice to complete this assignment well in time. And I do extend my thanks to the lecturers and professors of the University as well, who supported me with their revered wisdom and guidance throughout, so as to enable me to fulfil my assignment.
I take this opportunity to thank my friends and parents who have imparted their knowledge in a friendly and loving manner, and the librarian of the University, without whom this project would not have been materialised.
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Modern Foreign Languages Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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