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Primary Education - Assignment Example

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This paper consists of an educational district which evolves around various alternatives to support students with a common problem of "behaviour". Behaviour problems in primary schools of United Kingdom have been converted into a significant public health issue…
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Primary Education
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Download file to see previous pages The education system in the United Kingdom consist a handful of skilled teachers to provide meaningful support for the students with behaviour problems in the primary schools. Additionally, teachers who work in small groups with such students have a severe flow of problems for training them. Such strains occur due to the student's behavioural problem or their own intellectual demands to work with such students. "Far from being deranged and dangerous, [most UK children with problem behaviour] were tired, despairing underachieving, and invariably desperately sad about their circumstances...The same might be said about many of the staff who referred the pupils. They are expressed exhaustion, feelings of inadequacy, and a sense of alienation from the demands of an increasingly utilitarian education system." 1(1)
Resources to overcome behavioural problems in the United Kingdom are very limited and should be invested to prevent such problems throughout the primary years of the student. Behaviour problem has an unbalanced influence on the positive way of learning and appropriate learning and behaviour are achieved through positive support of the teachers.2(2) However, such behavioural problems of the students in primary sections are mostly classified into habit disorders, psychosocial disorders, anxiety disorders and disruptive behaviour.3(3) Students with such problems have always been a part of the school population. To overcome such obstacles, psychopathology was intervened to assure normal progress of the students.

On the other hand, in 1997 or 1998, a research proved about the student behaviour was to be good for around 80% in the primary schools and 2% percent of these were unsatisfactory. Schools with poor behaviour, often indulged in one year group, were extremely demanding for teacher's involvement. Although recently, the most widespread concern was in United Kingdom was about bullying. About 663 children, aged amid 2-9, were calculated for bullying experience, most of them were boys who were the victims. Though, according to a study, bullying by girls has been misjudged, excluding social relationships etc., girls can be aggressive like boys. Michele Elliot from one of the first charity established in United Kingdom, Kidscape, reported "Sexual bullying has almost become a way of asserting your power over others and for that reason it is disturbing." Recent figures by government illustrates over 280 of expulsions from the primary schools and in twenty of such cases, children of 5 years old were responsible.4(4) Like Kidscape, many other organizations are doing anti-bullying work in the United Kingdom such as sponsors from Department for Education and Employment (DfEE) and by the other voluntary organizations. The most inspiring campaign introduced in 1080s was the "DFE Funded Sheffield Anti-Bullying Project 1991-1993." As a result to this project, "The Pack Don't Suffer in Silence" (HMSO, 1994) was introduced which was requested by more then 19,000 schools in England. Apart from bullying, there has been a minor increase of the students for being permanently excluded from the school about 0.04% of the school population. According to Belfast School of England, there have been up to 3% of the students from the total population expelled due to their behaviour.

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