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Health Issues as It Relates Health In High sSchool Education - Essay Example

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The purpose of this study is to test the effects of alcohol, on High School students, by carrying out an independent Research Experiment, This experiment was preceded by research questionnaires and personal interviews conducted on individual respondents and recorded for later study…
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Health Issues as It Relates Health In High sSchool Education
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Download file to see previous pages Keeping this in mind, the writer has felt that it would be essential to conduct a probe into a serious concern of high school education, that is, use and abuse of alcohol, since this has a major impact on the health and educational pursuits of students. The designing of this Research study has been carried out for determining the positive, or negative impacts of drinking by high school students, on their learning and academic performance.
Importance of this research:
Health hazards caused by use of alcohol by high school students has assumed serious dimensions and has adversely affecting academic performance in the student community; it also connotes indisciplined in class behaviour, lowering of ethical and moral standards, sexual permissiveness under the influence of excessive alcohol and a host of other social and physiological problems, besides endangering students' mental health, well being and their future college studies. Despite the fact that social and Governmental organizations have long evolved policies, practices and programs for curbing this social evil, the truth remains that much more effective policy making and implementation needs to be done in these vital areas which have grave socio-economic and medical implications.
The research Hypothesis: is based on the premise that alcohol interferes with the functioning of impressionable minds of high school students, causing mental debility & lack of mental co-ordination, affecting academic performance among high school students
Aims of the study
In order to curb the use of alcohol and its detrimental effects on the high school student population, as a whole, it has become necessary to introduce and...
This essay stresses that the findings of the experiments conducted proved beyond doubt that “alcohol is a powerful drug that slows down the body and mind. It impairs co-ordination; slows reaction time; and impairs vision, clear thinking and judgment....drinking while the brain is growing may lead to long lasting intellectual effects and may even increase the likelihood of delayed alcoholic dependence later in life.” This tested hypothesis that attributes alcohol as one of the main drugs for substance abuse, in today’s high school population has been established, both by the current literature written by eminent scholars and practitioners, and also by independent empirical studies. In today’s social settings, especially in the field of High School educational pursuits, the use of alcohol, substance abuse and permissive sexual behaviour have become a common phenomenon among school students, especially in the developed world.
This paper makes a conclusion that the school administration should enforce individual programmes that could create a social environment that could actively discourage, if not reduce the use of drug by school children. A holistic approach, involving the student community, teachers, social workers, school administration and, most importantly, the parents needs to be taken in order to address a permanent solution to the problem. It is believed that creating awareness and self belief is more important that strict enforcement, since these measures could have contrary results, which may not in total alignment to the fundamental purposes for its enunciation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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