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No Man is an Island: Personal Development - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The writer of this essay seeks to provide an overview of personal educational background. Moreover, the writer outlines the most valuable skills acquired throughout one's learning experience. Additionally, the writer outlines the contribution of family and siblings to the individual's development…
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No Man is an Island: Personal Development
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Download file to see previous pages The human resource is one of the factors that cause the current developments that the country is experiencing. The labor force is considered to be one of the country's most valuable resources, as reflected in the importance that is being given to the educational system. The education that Jordanians receive is very much at par with international standards, and this particular aspect that I have seen in my country has been inculcated in my mind and heart. The great attention that my country is giving to education is what can also be seen in me. Education is one of the things that I really value because I believe that knowledge and skills are things that can never be stolen from me. After obtaining my high school diploma from Al-Omaryaih Private School, I took up a BA Accountancy at the University of Jordan. As a student, I have experienced a lot of hardships and difficulties, and have encountered a lot of distractions that actually enticed me to cease from continuing my studies. However, thanks to the great example that I have seen from my country and community, I never exchanged my education to the temporary pleasures and obstacles that came my way. And upon obtaining my degree, I started my life as a young professional by working as an auditor at Ernst & Young Company. Aside from my community, my family also significantly contributed to this value that I hold on to. My father, in particular, has taught me to value learning and to continually crave for more knowledge. He told me to never put a limit in my education and to my ambitions. He never failed to instill in me the importance of looking deeply at the future and concomitantly, of learning from the past. Of course, my father is one of the perfect examples of these teachings-he never failed to practice what he preaches. Coming from a poor family, he nevertheless managed to obtain a degree in Law at the University of Beirut and was also able to land a job as Deputy General Manager in a certain bank. Currently, he is running his very own business and is simultaneously a CEO in a real estate company, and also an Executive BOD member in a certain bank and brokerage and financial investment company. This particular value can also be seen in my siblings. My eldest brother is a graduate of San Jose University, with a master's degree in Engineering, while my younger brother and sister are currently finishing their studies. Indeed, it is a good thing to see how similar values and principles run within the family. Aside from education and personal success, one thing that I developed is the love for my family. I have learned that my family is an important aspect of my life and that I should give the love and support that they deserve. An experience from my childhood has considerably instilled in me the worth of my family, particularly of my parents, in my life. The experience that I am referring to is the accident that I encountered when I was still a 5-year old child. Being naturally curious, I managed to reach the boiling water from our oven and accidentally spilled its contents over my face and neck. This resulted in several first and second-degree burns that caused my 5-month hospitalization which consisted of medications and plastic surgery procedures. During those times, my parents never left my side and never hesitated to spend money for the sake of my well-being. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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