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Applying Critical Thinking Skills to Make a Decision on Return to School for Graduate Study - Essay Example

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The aim of this essay is to examine how using critical thinking skills one is able to contribute to better quality decisions. Furthermore, the writer seeks to apply critical thinking concerning the decision to return to school and pursue a graduate degree. …
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Applying Critical Thinking Skills to Make a Decision on Return to School for Graduate Study
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Extract of sample "Applying Critical Thinking Skills to Make a Decision on Return to School for Graduate Study"

Download file to see previous pages The primary focus in making a career decision pivots around an individual's internal goals, needs, and the pursuit of satisfaction. Vocational psychologists have advanced different theories to explain the process by which an individual makes a career choice. These range from a person-environment fit (Holland, 1997), to a person's current self-concept (Savickas, 2002).
Many people like me, after working in the "real-world," develop a strong interest in a new field, and therefore, make a decision to return to a graduate school. In my case, it's a renewed interest in the field of psychology; coupled with a strong passion to seek a second career in academia, which compelled me to invest in a master's degree of choice.
Incidentally, my first career in the army was more of a circumstantial dictate. Having been raised in a single-parent family, and the oldest of the siblings, I had decided to drop out of college in 1987, for want of a secured career to support my family. Although the penchant to study psychology remained active and potent, the immediate external factors affecting the family, forced me to shift my priorities. Revisiting academics remained a plausible option for the future.
I also understand that returning to a graduate school is a huge investment, both in time and finance. Having already completed my Master's degree in Education and Instruction in 2008, from the University of Phoenix, I had a clear notion about the academic environs there, and the expectations from me. I also had a fair idea of the program on psychology being offered there, and the great credentials of professors and support staff in the university.
Another aspect of my decision to pursue a master's program stems from a perceived increase in the earning capacity, and professional growth, for a master's degree holder. According to the U.S. Census Bureau ('The Chicago Flame', 2005), a person with a master's degree can earn around $500,000 more over their lifetime, than a person with a bachelor's degree, and the earnings increase by about $1,000,000 for each additional degree.
I also strongly believe one must have fun - for life indeed, is one short burst. One way of achieving this is to discover one's niche area and drive one's career passionately and effectively, enjoying every moment of it. My return to the graduate school ensures this, and packs my future with a myriad of possibilities that would make me feel satisfied, and have "friends for life."  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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