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Methods coursework - Research Proposal Example

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Constitutive ethnography merits a "first person" perspective because of its inherent subjectivity and bias to a certain group, hence the first person perspective should have been used. Furthermore, the study is focused on pharmacists, it should have provided more insight into their character and professional culture to allow readers to understand their values and situate where their views within the results…
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Research methods coursework
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Download file to see previous pages Second, no other methods were used aside from videotape analysis, which should have been done to triangulate the results of constitutive methodology. Lastly, the 30 hours of tape taken from each participant is not enough because constitutive ethnography's authority is based primarily on the length of time spent studying the subjects.
Although the general objective, to identity effective communication in the pharmacy practice, is clear, the specific objectives identified were not. First, it is confusing if the study is aimed at generalizations or specific observations. The use of constitutive ethnography suggests specific observations, however, the manner that objectives were written are too broad that it seems to make generalizations. Second, if the study aims to test the value of constitutive ethnography as a research method, it should have discussed the effect of pharmacists' professional culture to illustrate that there is value in choosing the method. Lastly, how pharmacists' knowledge base makes them lead investigators in the field should have been explained as well since this is the underlying rationale for the third objective.
Constitutive ethnography was used to build upon individual an...
However, the study was lacking in better operationalization of concepts and measures, as well as clearer identification of the variables. Furthermore, because it is exploratory, it should have provided a better groundwork for replication. The measures of an effective consultation vis--vis an ineffective one was not clear. Additional input due to pharmacist's communication skills does not necessarily mean that the consultation was effective within the context of effective healthcare. Moreover, even if such definition is considered effective, pharmacists should have identified concrete criteria on how to distinguish input as a result of effective communication skills vis--vis others. Lastly, neglect of patient's evaluations is cause for alarm. Although this was noted as a limitation of the study, researchers could have at least conducted a focus group on the view of patients to provide more insight into pharmacist-patient communication.

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The following results were presented: (1) categories and sub-categories of effective communication skills; (2) instances of effective and ineffective communication and skills usage in each; and (3) types of consultations. All were presented through the use of tables, qualified by brief explanations. However, since constitutive ethnography was the methodology used, these results are incomplete. Insights into the manner that the pharmacists evaluated themselves and the manner that their professional culture as affected the identified results should have been included. As stated in the objectives, it aims to assess whether participative research is effective in analyzing the topic, thus, their effect on the results should have been given consideration.

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