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Clouds & Particles - Assignment Example

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The essay “Clouds & Particles” focuses on clouds, which are classified into a system that uses Latin words to describe their appearance and the height of the cloud base. This classification was developed by the English chemist Luke Howard in 1803…
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Clouds & Particles
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Extract of sample "Clouds & Particles"

Download file to see previous pages To observe them and consider how, with each respective cloud formation, the way in which they are composed, can actually be a sign of a specific weather pattern(s) that would be coming in the near future.
As a way to figure out which cloud formation would mean what, in terms of the nimbus cloud, they would be the strongest to be able to identify that they were rain clouds, in that their meaning from the Latin term, would, in fact, be rain.
There is three types of categories, where clouds fall within. Those are high level, mid-level and finally, low level. The clouds found at the higher levels would be the coldest of the three levels. Ice crystals would be expected to be a part of the composition of these clouds. The names of these clouds would be Cirrus, Cirrocumulus and lastly, Cirrostratus. In this category, the clouds that are the most common to see in the sky on any given basis would be the Cirrus clouds. Far later in the day, deep into the night, the Cirrostratus clouds are the ones that can be seen in the sky throughout, including near the moon.
For the mid-level clouds, they are defined in this manner, "Mid-level clouds are called altostratus and altocumulus. The prefix "alto" indicates that they have cloud bases between 2 and 6 km above the ground," (Gourdeau, 2003-2010). The types of clouds in this category would be the Altostratus and the Altocumulus. The Altostratus would show their relevance in that, with their appearance in the sky, they would act as the precursor, or warning, for an impending weather system that would be becoming. Finally, for the low-level clouds, these would be the types of clouds that would be more inclined to have wetter weather within them or those that would produce the rain.
In this lowest level of the atmosphere, the names of the clouds found would be Stratus, Stratocumulus and the Nimbostratus. A more common term for clouds such as Stratus would be to know of them as the haze that drivers encounter sometimes as they are driving, also known as fog. This would occur at the base level. Once a storm has done what it set out to do, the cloud formations that witnesses would see at this point in time would be the Stratocumulus. The clouds that would be associated with the largest variety, in terms of the presence of weather, would be the Nimbostratus.
Whether they are little puffs within the sky, as thin as pieces of ribbon that stretch from one side to another, or possess the image of a pronounced weather system within them, all clouds have an image that are unique to them and what they mean for those living on the land and traveling by the sea. As an individual may find the desire to look up into the sky and observe the clouds present within it, the ability to discern. Finally, one classification of clouds would remain.  That is, the types of clouds that would not form on the same level as the horizon but in fact, would take the exact opposite appearance.  In this case, they would be more up and down in shape and view. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Clouds & Particles Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Clouds & Particles Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Clouds & Particles Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”.
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