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The essay “Does Multicultural Education Benefit Students?”  leads a lot of arguments in favor of this phenomenon in academic education. Multi-culture cultivates tolerance in pupils, enriches their personal knowledge, prepares them for future interaction with other cultures in the business.  
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Does Multicultural Education Benefit Students
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Does MultiCulture Benefit Students?
Multiculturalism is a theory that encourages the interest in many cultures within a society rather than in only a mainstream culture1. Multi-culture happens due to the existence of ethnic differences among people in a group. When we discuss about academic schools, multi-culture occurs when a class or a group of students hold ethnic differences between each other. These are individual differences in students that come from their family backgrounds, home-country culture, language, religious beliefs, race, and lifestyle.
In my opinion, multi-culture in a classroom delivers more benefits than troubles, during the course of study and various academic activities. It makes students more stable and tolerant personalities than those who are only exposed to only one culture. Since individual students come from different backgrounds, they introduce various mindsets. Each student comes with their own set of priorities and qualities that encourage creativity. Also it helps students to develop socially strong when they are exposed to different personalities and cultural values. They tend to develop acceptance for different people and also appreciate those qualities that may not exist in their own culture. This is turn becomes a crucial advantage when they are interacting outside country, or working in an organization that celebrates diversity in employees.
However, as much the multi-culture brings advantages, it becomes more demanding for school administrations and difficult to meet expectations at home2. The individual student cultural differences at times are so great that at times special treatment is given to such students. They are sent to special educational programs that generally have very different standards than the mainstream schools, hence further elevating student differences. In some cases, students are unable to perform well in schools because education curriculum/system is designed for local culture only, and does not accommodate students coming from different capacities and mindsets3.
Even though multi-culture comes with its own host of problems, they too indicate academic institutions to take a step further in enhancing their system. If their existing system fails to grade or challenge otherwise different set of students, there is indication for room for improvement, because a more multi-culture compliant educational system is bound to bring better and better-rounded graduates in future. This will not only make future populations to be more tolerant but it will also eliminate any social discrimination amongst ethnically diverse populations.

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