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Uneven distribution of education through the conflict perspective - Essay Example

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Education has been a crucial issue in several countries nowadays, especially for those with low literacy level. Its importance is seen in its outcomes, such as productivity, literacy, and poverty alleviation…
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Uneven distribution of education through the conflict perspective
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Extract of sample "Uneven distribution of education through the conflict perspective"

Download file to see previous pages Education has been a crucial issue in several countries nowadays, especially for those with low literacy level. Its importance is seen in its outcomes, such as productivity, literacy, and poverty alleviation. A literate citizenship is a good source of engineers, economists, technologists, scientists, biologists, doctors, teachers, and so on, enough to produce infrastructures and improve the status of science and technology, medicine, and education itself. A low productivity due to lack of all mentioned places a country in a doom of poverty and economic insecurity. Development specialists recognize these outcomes, and provide information on how education may be better in poor countries in order to be richer. There is thus, a strong connection and a dialectical link between education and the economic security of a nation. This connection is seen in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, and France, which all keep a high record of literacy rate of 99 percent as compared to others that keep low literacy rates, such as Arab states (70.3 percent) Several nations are still keeping a low record of literacy level, particularly third world nations, despite the significant importance of education. Female literacy is also found to be lower than their male counterpart in these areas, indicating the pervasion of gender inequality in education and the traditional roles designated to women....
In Ethiopia, a low 24 percent is indicated for their rural areas, while 83 percent for the urban places.
It is clear that education has a strong link to economic capacity of the people and nation. Poor children who are able to study experience a large discrepancy of educational opportunities than those from middle class and upper class families. The Comparison of inequality in education may be seen in the following: areas: Teacher allocation, budget allocation, availability of books, and educational facilities and infrastructures. These areas are reflective of social stratification that exists in education. Despite the already high literacy rates, the first world nations like the United States also exhibit a discrepancy in education between poor and rich neighborhoods and schools.
Teacher Allocation
There is a low quality of teachers in low-income schools in the United States, and at times when there is a short supply of teachers in almost all parts of the country, those who are provided with teachers with the least training and experience are the poorest schools (Hill, 2008). The richest ones get the reverse of this condition. Far less- qualified teachers are consistently provided to students in low-income and minority schools, while children in the wealthier neighborhoods are allocated with the reverse. It reflects the fundamental flaw in the allocation of teachers and funds to schools, whose allotment depends on whether they are poor or rich. Contributory to this scenario is the fact that senior teachers possess total freedom of choice in where to work and most of them choose the most attractive schools and neighborhoods with few difficulties, and demands on teachers are less severe (Hill, 2008). It leaves the new and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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