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Critical Incidents - Essay Example

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Critical incidents in teaching Name Institution affiliation Tutor Date Critical incidents in teaching Introduction The teaching practice is an important inclusion in the society. Teaching is a practice that equips students with the required knowledge and skills to be significant members the society…
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Critical Incidents
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Download file to see previous pages Tutors are trained to handle the student population regardless of the high demands in the field (Tripp, 2012). Over the years, theories and case studies have been created to understand the challenges faced by tutors in the field. Some cases and incidences have been regarded as critical depending on the seriousness of the case. A critical teaching incidence is referred to incidences that significantly affect the teaching practice and influences a large population of the teaching practice (Oatey, 2002). Thesis This paper will analyze three different critical incidences. The paper will first include a case study that would explain each of the three critical incidences. The case study will include the reaction of both the tutors and the students. Additionally, the paper will analyze each case study with theories relating to the particular incidence. Critical incidence I: Trust between a teacher and a student based on student behaviour I have a student, student J, who constantly lies about what other children are doing. She spies on them all the time, almost most of the time I can tell she is bending the truth. I know brush of what she is saying and if other children complain about her lying, I usually just expect her to be telling a lie, I don’t usually take her word for anything without a witness. In this particular case, the tutor has a judgmental personality toward the student. In a normal scenario a tutor is not supposed to create an assumption on a student based on their past behaviour. In this case, the student has a weakness where they have to tell a lie about other students. This is a normal student weakness in an institution setting. In an argument by Gremler (2004) a student in an academic institution has at least a 5% probability of lying. This is a normal occurrence and characteristic in students that a teacher should focus on eliminating rather than creating judgment based on the behaviour. In this case, student J has a weakness of creating negative perceptions ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critical Incidents Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 Words.
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