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Legal & Ethical Studies - elementary school - Case Study Example

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Law and Ethics in Elementary Schools Name: Institution: LAW AND ETHICS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS Teaching profession requires high-level capabilities and techniques in handling issues regarding law and ethics. This is, basically, because of the uniqueness of the profession, the different parties involved including teachers, parents and students, as well as practices of knowledge constructs…
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Legal & Ethical Case Studies - elementary school
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Download file to see previous pages A principal is not allowed by the law to terminate a contract without the evidence of wrong activities that prompted them to terminate the teacher’s contract. These activities include insubordination against educational rules, moral misconduct and insufficiency, and incompetence at work (Manos, 2006). In the case where by the principal and district officers terminate a contract, they should provide a written document detailed with reasons for termination in a period more than six months before the termination date. They should also conduct an impartial hearing before the board and school’s panel. In this case, the teacher was proactive and used advanced teaching methods but the principal dislikes these methods. In accordance to leadership ethics, the termination was not important (Manos, 2006). Question # 2 Conflicts do arise in school premises among students especially in the urban life where alcoholism, sexual harassment, and drugs among other misconducts take place. When a student is badly injured like in a case where a student lost his front teeth with the teacher and classmates witnessing the act, legal measures should take place. The action by the principal in sending the perpetrator out of the school was correct, but it was not enough punishment. The student ought to have been charged with felony violation or fines at the juvenile court. This extended punishment would have acted, as a lesson to other students to adhere to the zero-tolerance policy (Manos, 2006). Question # 3 Discussing question three, I agree with the parents view on the judgment about the teacher’s supervision. The fact that the teacher was in the duty of care for students in the field guarantees the injured student’s parent a right to sue this teacher. The reasons to this according to legal and ethical background for in which the teacher was supposed to supervise instruct and provide safety care to students. However, the court may justify that the injury was not foreseeable; therefore, the teacher would not have to be answerable to the court. In this case, the teacher was students’ favorite but she did not give much attention to her duty as an overseer. The standard of care to the student was not her priority. Nevertheless, her negligence may be objected due to her involvement in students’ tasks of which this has earned a chance to be their favorite teacher (Manos, 2006). Question # 4 Child abuse is a critical issues to those around the victims especially a teacher. Suspicion that a child is a victim of child abuse has to be reported to authorities. Failure to report a case in child abuse is considered misdemeanor or felony case. Serious injuries resulting from maltreatment requires a caregiver or teacher to be keen and to show interest in extracting more information about the life of the child at home. The teacher in this case did not follow the guidelines provided for suspicion of child abuse. Therefore, the teacher should have faced legal liability. The court should assess the situation in an exceptional manner to bring to justice the child abusers who should face a bigger penalty, unlike the teacher. The court should consider the teacher as a third party law violator of which charges are dependent on the substantial evidence that; indeed, the teacher waited for a bigger harm to occur to the child (Manos, 2006). Qu ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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