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GEN499: Week 5 Final - Research Paper Example

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Critical Analysis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Contemporary Social Concern Date Author Critical Analysis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Contemporary Social Concern Introduction The quest of solving modern social problems through understanding of historical occurrences of the same or similar predicaments is a subject that has been very active among the philosophical fraternity of the past century…
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GEN499: Week 5 Final Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages There has been an exponential increase in the past couple hundred years in the number of ways mental powers can be utilised and the predispositions the mind can subscribe to. This has led to a multiplication of instances and occurrences of the mind being overwhelmed by the knowledge it attempts to assimilate or by the way it tries to do this. In other words, the mental health issues of today are dramatically profounder in quantity, type and mode of occurrence than those of the pre-electronic age. And it is no surprise that the medical caregivers have struggled to maintain a coherent portrait of the various mental health conditions that have surfaced across the globe. What role the medical fraternity have played in this era and how to assess it are questions of vital importance to understanding the reality of the state of medical sciences today. To this end an issue that deserves the attention of analysts of academia's role in handling social issues of nowadays is the oft-occurring phenomenon of mental trauma. Advent of the global village has seen a surge in the forms, causes and cases of trauma because of changes in the social climate. Trauma is not a long-lasting injury per se; it is the effects that it has on the individual that are of real concern. The most notorious type of mental predicament caused by trauma is a condition known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD has been a subject of discourse not only in the medical and health circles but in the spheres of philosophy and humanities as well. Famous thinkers like Freud have devoted effort to understanding of the issue of PTSD and on sketching out a fact-check of the neurological and externalist depictions of the problem. This paper aims to build on the sociological debate about the actors involved in determining the visions of the human mind and descriptions of issues like PTSD; as well as in shaping the normal social consciousness and the collective conscience regarding ethics of medical practice. It claims that general perception about advancement in medical science and reliability of trendsetting intellectuals' understanding and description of interpersonal processes in delusionary and flawed. It therefore aims to draw a realistic picture of the state of human understanding of these issues and bearing thereof on them and attempts to do that by employing a constellation of plausible theoretical and empirical attestations. Caring About Health While people struggle for basic life necessities like adequate nutrition and clean drinking water, a select few are spending billions of dollars on research trying to discover ways of notably extending their natural lives. Death is final; and thus far it has not occurred to human kind to give any serious thought to possible methods of ultimately defeating it. Thus death is considered an inevitable finality and that is why the intellectual community as a whole has not been able to clearly define a single ultimate goal of research in medical science. There is debate about what extent and type of medical facilities are to be considered basic human need and what is to be declared opulent healthcare. According to some theories of philosophy, any state better than dead is not to be considered 'basic'; henceforth since living is a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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