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Reflection - Essay Example

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Leadership and motivation Leadership and motivation always go hand in hand. Any successful leader throughout history was able to motivate their followers. Emperor Augustus Caesar was able to expand the Roman Empire by forging a purpose to conquer and civilize savage lands; Abraham Lincoln’s purpose was uniting America after the civil war; Mahatma Gandhi’s efforts to forge a fee and equal society was what catapulted him to world fame…
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Leadership and motivation Leadership and motivation always go hand in hand. Any successful leader throughout history was able to motivate their followers. Emperor Augustus Caesar was able to expand the Roman Empire by forging a purpose to conquer and civilize savage lands; Abraham Lincoln’s purpose was uniting America after the civil war; Mahatma Gandhi’s efforts to forge a fee and equal society was what catapulted him to world fame. All these three leaders are considered successful due to their unrelenting ability to motivate the masses to action. Motivation is simply the drive to achieve something either individually or as a group. Traditionally, the carrot and stick analogy has been used to motivate masses. To some extent, this works but not always. People who are motivated by something that is far reaching than money, pain or fame often will come up with creations and results that are very inspiring. From the puzzle of motivation, I believe the most important factors to focus on are autonomy, purpose and mastery. Having the freedom to do what you want and when you want is very liberating. Pablo Picasso, one of the greatest artists was never tied up to a schedule or a need to conform to society norms. He had complete autonomy and only worked when he wanted. Almost half all of goggle technological products originate from people being allowed to work on projects they like. When people have autonomy, they become creative. Having a purpose for life can serve as one of the biggest driving force for any society. When a person believes that what they are working on is part of something bigger, they often will strive for excellence, average or good is no longer enough. Some of the world’s greatest inventions have come from people who really loved their work. It was never about the money for them, the joy of succeeding at an objective they really believe in was what motivated them to success. Mastery is a result of practice and experience. A person who has mastered any skill often seems to do it seamlessly; it is almost automatic. From experience, this person knows what works and what does not; they have spent countless hours in a field that they often know the results even before the game starts. When they are at their trade, it almost seems effortless. Any person who has sacrificed years, money, and sweat to be skilled at any field often are very motivated and passionate about it. My purpose in life is to become a school principal; I feel that this is a field that will bring purpose to my life. To achieve this, I need to have mastery and autonomy to do things the way I feel they should be done. I intend to spend a lot of time with people who have been in this field for a long time; through them, I will get to learn and become as good. Since school principals are primarily leaders, I intend to focus on sharpening my leadership skill through practice and experimenting. Finding a mentor to guide me and give advice is also necessary. Reading widely about past leaders and their style of leading will help me grow. With such skills, I will be able to achieve my purpose. Leadership is a very complex entity; many seemingly good leaders make mistakes out of arrogance, naivety, and ignorance. I have seen this happen severally, I will highlight a few of these instances. My team captain is arrogant and lacks capacity to self reflect on what their action do to the entire team. He is also not fluid in nature; with changing circumstances a good leader must be able to change; he lacks this quality and may stick to a strategy even when circumstances have changed until it’s too late. It is also very difficult to convince them otherwise, once they have made up their mind, they will not listen to any opinions. I have also seen one big fault in my parents’ leadership. Often, they do not reflect on what their actions do to my siblings and I. Certain remarks or action they take affect us negatively. If they could reflect and think what their actions do, most likely, they would become better leaders. As a leader, motivating people you are leading is paramount. To do this they must trust you and your ability to lead. The leader must seem to serve his followers. Putting themselves fast and making everything to be about them is a big flaw in any leader. A leader who betrays the trust his followers have in him often will score poorly. Another thing a leader must strive to fight is arrogance and the belief that they know it all. Arrogance often will lead to several leadership blunders. Acting too fast without consulting; lack of self-reflectivity on their action; not being able to exploit the power of uncertainty are just some of the mistakes that are born of single mindedness. As a leader, I think creating a sense of purpose among your followers and giving them autonomy will steer them. If you can give people the freedom to work the way they want as long as the goals are streamlined, you will always succeed as a leader. Read More
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