Discuss the concept of multiple intelligences as proposed by Howard Gardner and how this applies to online learning - Assignment Example

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Multiple intelligence Name: Institution: Introduction: Multiple intelligences is a theory developed by Howard Gardner that differentiates intelligence into seven different modalities and criteria for behavior which he considers intelligence. Gardner model of intelligence identifies bodily - kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic musical - rhythmic, visual - spatial, verbal – linguistic and logical – mathematical to be the seven different criteria of intelligence and intelligence acquisition (Davis, Christodoulou, Seider & Gardner, 2011)…
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Discuss the concept of multiple intelligences as proposed by Howard Gardner and how this applies to online learning
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"Discuss the concept of multiple intelligences as proposed by Howard Gardner and how this applies to online learning"

In his theory, Gardner posits that learners possess different abilities and must therefore specialize in the different branches of knowledge since each learner possesses a unique merger of intelligence. Logical mathematics refers to the mathematical abilities of a learner to reason critically and mathematically through calculations. Learners with such abilities should learn from the concepts before details, with their skills and interest the learners make better investigators and teachers. Linguistic criteria on the other hand refer to the ability of the learners to use their speech effectively to influence others. Such learners can write and speak more eloquently than others do tools available for such include multimedia, books and lectures. They make good journalists and public communicators. Intrapersonal skills are basic and refer to the individuals identifying their own skills and interest. Such learners are shy and avoid social gathering. Effective learning should develop the interest in the learners and help them develop their personalities. Students who possess interpersonal skills are social and learn more by interacting with others. They are active participants in groups and develop strong communication and interpersonal relations. Another criterion in the theory is musical which refers to the learner’s sensitivity to sound and rhythm. Such learners possess unique abilities and can learn more effectively with music in their background. Identifying such helps, the teachers develop effective lessons by turning the course concepts into lyrical formats with the view of improving their understanding and mastery. Such students are also sensitive to the sounds in their environment and develop investigative skills. They may become musicians or music producers among many other professional choices. Bodily kinesthetic is yet another criteria referring to the learners ability to use their bodies in the learning process. Such learners like practical lessons such as experiments or sports. Finally, visual spatial refer to the learner’s attentiveness to the physical space. Such learners like modelling, drawing filling jigsaw puzzles among other space oriented concepts. They make better architects and civil engineers. Gardner’s multiple intelligence concept is fundamental in online learning, a new technological learning concept referring to distant learning. In such a learning environment, the learner interacts and accesses the learning materials and lessons through the internet. The teacher and the student do not interact physically implying that the teacher has no direct physical control over their students and class rooms. In such a unique environment, the learner is in control of his or her learning environment (Waterhouse, Fall 2009). The learners choose the courses they pursue and manage their timetables without the coercion of the teacher, as is always the case in schools and colleges. In such an environment, Garner’s concepts are relevant in identifying the students’ potential and developing their interests into becoming relevant professionals in the society. As stated earlier, online learning requires effective understanding of one’ Read More
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