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The left brain vs. the right brain: How does this impact learning - Research Paper Example

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Left vs. Right Brain: How Does This Impact Learning Introduction The concept of brain based learning is quite novice for the field of education and research on the concept and its practical application is still ongoing…
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The left brain vs. the right brain: How does this impact learning
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Extract of sample "The left brain vs. the right brain: How does this impact learning"

Download file to see previous pages Different individuals either experience dominance of the left hemisphere of the brain or the right one and instructions should be provided in accordance to help students learn. Body Characteristics of Left Hemisphere of the Brain Those individuals who experience dominance of the left hemisphere of the brain tend to be sequence oriented and prefer working on tasks after planning for them and depend on schedule while attaining aims and objectives (Jensen, 2000, p.20). These individuals are very good with symbols such as words as well as numbers and are very good memorizers. They do not depend on intuition while making decision and would look for proof as well as facts and figures before arriving at any decision (Gallagher, 2013). These individuals are quite inclined towards set standards and they prefer following those standards and if no standards are available, they tend to create standards and benchmarks and then they follow them. Characteristics of Right Hemisphere of the Brain Those who experience dominance of the right hemisphere of the brain are quite flexible and do not prefer on structures, they tend to lack planning, but they complete their tasks without associating any priorities with tasks (Duman, 2010, p.2082). ...
Dominance of Left Hemisphere of the Brain and Implications for Learning Students experiencing dominance of the left hemisphere of the brain are quite sequence oriented and thus need to know what they are going to be taught and in which sequence before lecturing starts to take place (Gallagher, 2013). Due to this, teachers should use outlines to provide insight regarding the sequence of the lecture and the learning objectives to help them follow the lecture. Since such students even prefer facts and figures, they should not only be informed regarding concepts, theories and phenomenon, their education should even consist of facts and figures to provide backup for what is being taught to them. These students are better at close ended questions and asking them questions which have a definitive answer can assist them in realizing how well they have acquired information (Morris, 2006). These students are quite individualistic in nature and thus should be assigned assignments in which they can work alone and take the complete responsibility of completing their assignments. These individuals even prefer to work in environments where there is lack of disturbances and noises, instructors need to ensure that their classrooms are disciplined while they assign work to students in order to facilitate students experiencing dominance of the left hemisphere of the brain. Dominance of Right Hemisphere of the Brain and Implications for Learning While teaching students who experience dominance of the right side of the brain, teachers need to consider the strengths of such students. Since students experiencing dominance of the right side of the brain tend to learn well with visuals, instructors should use ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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