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Exam 4 chaptrer - Essay Example

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Pragmatism Scholars who believed in the practical application of ideas, contributed to the development of pragmatism theory. Scholars such as Charles Pierce, John Dowey and William James were the main developers of this theory in the twentieth century…
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Exam 4 chaptrer
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Download file to see previous pages As such, education mainly focuses on developing this form of intelligence among the students, helping them make the most informed decisions. Subsequently, the theory focuses on an individual’s psychological and intellectual development. An individual undergoes through a continuous developmental process through experiences and personality development (Gutek 89). Through instrumentalism, students learn the use of tools and equipment used in real life. Such is the role played by the use of experiments ion the teaching of students, as demonstrated by Charles Pierce. Experiments are a representation of the actual reality of what students learn in the class. Pragmatism gives me an insight into the role played by experiments and role-playing in the learning process. While in reality most of the lessons focus on classroom learning, the biggest danger of this is semi-baked graduates facing the real problem. Such students may find it hard dealing with the real situations, especially due to the fact that they have never faced such issues ever in their lives. However, with a model representative of the reality, graduates have an idea of what to expect in future. This is one of the most effective ways of teaching, with its guarantee of well-trained graduates. While explaining this theory to another person, I would define pragmatism as that method of training that includes the use of experiments, assimilation models and many practical lessons. Idealism According to the developers of the idealism theory, only ideas can effectively endure. Developers of this theory try to separate mental and material realms of the learning process. According to Plato, the government plays a very significant role in the education sector. These universal truths promote a dialectic approach, creating a channel for reflection among the students. Aristotle on the other hand held that for matter to exist there must be form. Since science and philosophy compliments each other, the study of matter leads to an understanding of deeper form. Nothing exists without a purpose, according to Aristotle. In the learning process, the body and soul engage in a conflicting argument, necessitating the striking of a balance between the body and the soul. Through education therefore, we are in a position of striking a balance between the body and the soul. The theory has a number of assertions aimed at the learning process. Among these, include the application of reasoning in search for the truth, the use of science and art in higher thinking and reasoning, and the realization of the ultimate goal of education after the end of the learning process. The main function of education is to enable a sense of duty, willpower and loyalty. From the lessons learnt in the assertions contained in this theory, education should aim at meeting its objective and goal, which is individual development. While personal development is one of these forms of development, it should do so both socially and psychologically. As students graduate from the school, they should realize their self-worth, and hold a position that they can defend themselves as professionals. Art and science plays a very significant role in the professional lives of students, especially in shaping their careers and lifestyles. Ideally, the learning process should focus on developing an individual wholly and stimulate the reasoning a student, whether ion class or in the field. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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