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Statement of the Problem for my dissertation - Research Paper Example

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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: PROBLEM STATEMENT ON RESEARCH EXPERIENCE FOR TEACHERS Introduction Literature Review: Problem statement In relation to almost all professions, research and experience comprise of an imperative characteristic in the field of education…
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Statement of the Problem for my dissertation
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Download file to see previous pages A number of research studies about the RET programs have shown variations in changes and radical improvements relating to the teachers. There is some form of agreement that RET programs are excellent for the instructors as it broadens the intellect during study and empowers the teachers with sufficient acquaintance on how to work on research. The NGSS practices have been established to be the best to educators and students since they enhance learning through students’ engagements such as enabling them to vigorously explore the scientific knowledge. This knowledge is supposed to be acquired in class by practicing actual scientific or engineering research (NGSS Lead States, 2013). Most of the findings put forward that science teachers are required to go through comprehensive assessment to establish if they have embraced research as an imperative factor that improves their teaching practices. (Musante, 2006). Background on RET programs What are RET programs? In the course of RET programs teachers discover the way scientists do research in STEM fields. In addition, teachers play a role in the environment of scientific research (Grove, Dixon, Pop, 2009, Ononye et al., 2007). RET programs more often than not distribute teachers in research laboratories for a period that ranges from six weeks to two months to make possible their participation in scientific research in the true world (Pop, Dixon & Grove, 2010). The (STEM) fields as well as faculty of computer science and engineering in colleges to make information and acquaintance associated to these fields accessible to students. Features of RET programs Teacher participation in the RET program is very important in terms of teachers’ knowledge and scientific research. Research Experiences for Teacher (RET) has stirred up professional development amongst teachers and students themselves. In effect, it has improved the teaching and learning practices in classroom. RET programs vary considerably depending on the specialization of the teachers. Moreover, other research methods such as discussions, observations and interviews are geared toward improving the understanding of scientific research practice while some focus on basic skills of solutions for mathematical and scientific problems (Schulte, 2009). Research on RETs As in every profession, research and experience still remain a fundamental characteristic in the field of education. Research in this case comprises the knowledge and skills bestowed by observation and proceedings gained by exploring a given aspect. Most of the findings suggest that science teachers are required to go through comprehensive assessment to determine if they have embraced research as an important factor that improves their teaching practices. This is because most teachers are conversant with class tests in contrast to research practices, which are perceived to expose them to many skills needed during actual professional exploration (Goreham, 2010). Effects on teacher’ practice Several studies have shown that teachers who used an online support system are at an advantage of translating their research experience into their own classroom teaching after participating in the RET (Hardre, Nanny, Refai, & Slater, 2010). It is worth noting; however, after the teachers had research ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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